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This Makar Sankranti, donate food to the needy!

As you celebrate Makar Sankranti this week with delicious pongal, til ke laddoo, puran poli, makke ki roti and other delicacies from your region, spare a thought for the needy. Don't forget that #SharingIsCaring! Share some traditional food with the needy around you and help make their Makar Sankranti wonderful too!

Wishing you a a bountiful season of harvest!

#Click2Give: https://www.donatekart.com/ONYVA/Help-ONYVAchildren21/

This New Year, resolve to spead warmth every day!

One of the things we remember most from childhood is how grandma enjoyed knitting. She was always surrounded by colourful balls of yarn. And the most beautiful thing was that she never made anything for herself! A scarf for a friend, mittens for the new baby, a sweater for the house help. She was always sharing and caring for the people around 

This New Year's resolve to spread warmth through #SharingIsCaring. Relive those memories by donating warm clothes to the needy.

Express gratitude to people around you!

It’s been a difficult year, but aren’t you one of the luckier ones to be getting ready to welcome the new year?
With just a few days to go until the end of the year, this Tuesday do an act of kindness and express gratitude. Donate warm clothes, footwear, or food packets to the needy, donate online to a cause close to your heart - there's a lot you can do!
A little kindness goes a long way in lifting the spirits of people around you! Let’s see out this year with a wave of kindness!

Express gratitude to your elders!

From playing the harmonium to reading us stories at bedtime, from helping us learn how to walk to teaching us about life's myriad things - our elders have always stood by us and helped us learn with a lot of love and care. From the time we are kids till we grow up, their love for us never wanes and they remain our teachers for life - unconditionally always making us better persons.
This Tuesday, express gratitude to the elders around you for making you who you are and helping you through life's ups and downs! You can also tick off a task on our #KindnessBingoChallenge!

Want to participate in the Bingo Kindness Challenge?

Want to participate in our kindness bingo challenge and complete all these random acts of kindness to express your gratitude to the people around you before 2020 ends!

The first 5 people completing these following things will be invited to our Facebook Live with an international panel and get an e-certificate:
1) Fastest Any Five
2) All 4 Corners
3) Top Line
4) Middle Line
5) Bottom Line


"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Share your giving story with us and inspire the world with your act of kindness. Participate in #MyGivingStory, a global giving story challenge which is currently on in many countries across the globe. Submit your story at bit.ly/mygivingstoryindia to earn votes, and get supporters for your favourite NGOs. Submit your story. Hurry up! #MyGivingStoryIndia #GivingTuesdayIndia | India is a part of the biggest generosity movement in the world called #GivingTuesday! You can express your generosity by donating to trusted NGOs! Today is a great day to share your #MyGivingStory! Look up our Random Acts of Kindness section for ideas to express kindness wherever you are! |

NGOs are across India, serving causes such as COVID relief, education, healthcare, livelihoods, environment, animal welfare & disability. NGOs are vetted by GuideStar India. Look for GuideStar India Platinum, Gold & Silver Seals.

25 million+

GivingTuesday India reached over 25 million people. We encourage people to make generosity a part of their daily lives. A random act of kindness #EveryTuesday and sharing #MyGivingStory are ways for each one to spread the giving culture.

1.7 million+

Over 1.7 million people engaged in acts of giving thru campaigns and messages, since India joined the global movement in 2017. Get your every act of giving counted using #GivingTuesdayIndia in all your social media posts.

185 million+

Millions of everyday givers make donations that add up to create a big impact. This number is the funds raised through campaigns using #GivingTuesdayIndia, since launch in 2017. Actuals would be higher as all do not report numbers.

In-kind Gifts Collected

It’s hard to measure and report one single number across the various gifts people give, collect and distribute. We will aggregate and share whatever is reported by campaign organisers and NGOs.


We request all campaign organisers to share their feedback about lives impacted so that we can try to understand the impact of our collective efforts to spread generosity.

Donate to a Cause close to your heart

Help Digitally Deprived Students and Women to Continue their Education in And after COVID-19.

Dharma Bharati Mission is a Mumbai-based non-profit NGO that aims to help the underprivileged women and children in slum areas by providing them with the education that is a stepping stone to a better life. They are constantly working with our team to provide them, online classes, through smartphones and free internet packs and they don’t want to stop here because of low funds. They will need 200-250 phones quarterly. The maximum cost will be a 6,000/-per phone.

After the course, the beneficiary will be required to return the phone, and these can be reused for at least one more batch. They can even look for giving one phone amongst 2-3 beneficiaries asking them to share. As regards Data Packs- For a three-month batch, and a daily class of 2 hours and practice sessions, they will need a plan for 1GB data per day for which charges will be around INR 150 per month or max INR 500 per quarter. Thus with a contribution of Rs. 6500 /- you can support the education of an underprivileged child. In this first fundraiser, they are targeting to raise money for 75 such students who are in Class 9th & 10th and need it foremost.

Donate to high need Causes

Please help Seva Kitchen feed less privileged people during the...
Please help Seva Kitchen feed less privileged people during the Corona crisis.
The Corona outbreak has left people locked in their homes. The safety measures are required to stop...
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Campaign over
Make the wishes of NGOs come true through in-kind gifts
India Cares Foundation  
Virtual Wish Tree
Many NGOs require specific needs like books, stationery, electricity charges, clothes, groceries,...
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Prevention of Violence against Women & Children
SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action)  
Help us raise 50 million points to make a difference.
‘Points for People’ empowers individuals like you to donate your ‘Loyalty Points...
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Donate to GuideStar India Certified NGOs

Transparency Key
Let's empower the girls for 21st century needs
My Life's Moxie from my Lens
 It was the summer of 2020. Getting recognition in an online debate competition at the zonal level made me thrilled and I felt that there is no...
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Transparency Key
Sanitary Pad
Project - Free Days Happy Days Specifications Only 58% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. Over 88% of women resort...
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Transparency Key
Safe Drinking Water
Marathwada Water Distribution Project (MWDP)
Marathwada Water Distribution Project Project Background: Maharashtra state has been divided into six regions of which Aurangabad is one of the...
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Donate towards grocery support for beneficiaries and helping a famished family affected by the pandemic lockdown

Disasters like floods, pandemic, earthquakes have become a frequent part of our lives now and when these strike, we hardly have any time to react. The impact of such a calamity, however, does not remain confined to its physical components but transcends beyond and impacts the socio-economic life of the people affected. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the impact of a disaster can have on the lives of the underprivileged. Our volunteers are among the first responders providing immediate relief directly and through a network of partner non-profits. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhumi’s disaster helpline 99997-13542 has been receiving hundreds of calls every day from people in need. After validation, they have been supported with groceries and direct financial transfers. 

Bhumi’s strength lies in mobilising hundreds of volunteers for citizen led action during times of need. Since 2015, our volunteers have mobilised relief for thousands of people and supported over 100 partner organisations and educational institutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic Bhumi has supported direct financial transfers and groceries for over 14,644 daily wagers and groceries for 6,193 children in shelter homes.


Help poor family
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Empowering the Community through Education
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Empowering the Community through Education Working with the underprivileged has only...
Nominated NGO: Empowering the Community through Education
Skill training & education for migrant...
By Raj kumar
  As the covid-19 crisis looms over us, the Indian government has fought fiercely by directing...
Nominated NGO: Giving Tuesday india

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As you celebrate Makar Sankranti this week with delicious pongal, til ke laddoo, puran poli, makke ki roti and other delicacies from your region, spare a thought for the needy. Don't forget that #SharingIsCaring! Share some traditional food with the needy around you and help make their Makar Sankranti wonderful too!

Wishing you a a bountiful season of harvest!

#Click2Give: https://www.donatekart.com/ONYVA/Help-ONYVAchildren21/

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