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Ideas for expressing your love this Valentine's Day! There's something for everyone, regardless of age and background, to feel happy!

You can make Valentine's Day super special by doing some of these activities all by yourself, or with your loved ones, family members or with friends or colleagues! 1. Share your food with the hungry. While you plan for a cosy meal, how about making or buying more to share with hungry people you see on the street. Making sandwiches or bhel or biryani could be fun when done with loved ones or friends.

Compliment a colleague for doing a great job!

You don't need to wait for a formal performance review or a special occasion to compliment a colleague. If you believe a job is done well or a colleague has really stretched to meet a deadline, or went beyond the call of duty, showed great courage to stand up for a cause, worked persistently to address a challenge, stood in for another person...or just did a good job quietly behind the scenes, express your appreciation immediately.  Just send an email or pick up the phone and compliment your colleague.

Give someone you love, or even a stranger, flowers for no reason!

'Vasant Panchami' is around the corner, marking the onset of spring in India! Have you started noticing the blossoming of flowers around you or the bright ones dancing in the gentle breeze on the shelves of flower shops in your neighbourhood? Take a bunch and spread some happiness!\Flowers convey your emotions in all situations, they connect hearts in joy and in grief, in prayer and in celebrations, they break the ice among strangers and strengthen bonds among friends!Give someone you love, flowers for no reason? Yes, why not? It is sure to bring a smile and great joy!

Call someone to talk to them rather than texting.

We are so used to communicating through text messages... yes, there are several benefits in doing so. It gives the recipient the time to revert, it gives you the comfort that you are not disturbing the recipient, it is more actionable as the recipient can forward, open a link, respond to you, and it also gives the recipient the option to ignore.However, text messages lack the warmth and excitement of the spoken word and deprive the opportunity to have a conversation.

Enjoy nature's bounty, share food with the hungry all of this week!

Harvest festivals are about thanking nature for the bounty it offers in the form of crops. It's about welcoming the change of season, enjoying the sunshine with colourful rangoli, kolams, kites and costumes, with song and dance to rhythmic beats. It's all about celebrating with the community.So, whether you are celebrating Pongal, Bihu, Lohri, Makara Sankranti, Poush Sankranti, Uttarayan or a harvest festival by another name...do share nature's bounty with people around you! Share food with the hungry all of this week.


India is a part of the biggest generosity movement in the world called #GivingTuesday! You can express your generosity by donating to trusted NGOs! Today is a great day to share your #MyGivingStory! Look up our Random Acts of Kindness section for ideas to express kindness wherever you are! | "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Share your giving story with us and inspire the world with your act of kindness. Participate in #MyGivingStory, a global giving story challenge which is currently on in many countries across the globe. Submit your story at bit.ly/mygivingstoryindia to earn votes, and win prizes of up to Rs.100,000 for your favourite NGOs. There are prizes of Rupee1 per vote for the first 50,000 votes, early bird prizes and much more. The last date to submit your story is 31st December 2019. Hurry up! #MyGivingStoryIndia #GivingTuesdayIndia | Thank you for participating enthusiastically in the special shopping experience for the disabled on 7th December at 292 Big Bazaar stores across India. Participate in the Giving Carnival 2019 in Bengaluru! A week of exciting events by IAmHere including Donation Boxes & Trucks, Blood Donation and Pet Adoption, Cultural Events, NGO Fair and Volunteering Drives! Browse this page for details.
170 million+

#GivingTuesdayIndia helps millions of everyday givers make contributions that add up to make a big impact when they all give to their preferred causes at the same time! This number indicates funds raised through specific #GivingTuesdayIndia campaigns conducted since launch in 2017 by platforms, corporate & NGOs. Figures for 2019 are still coming in. Actuals would be higher as all givers do not report numbers.


Verified by GuideStar India, these NGOs serve causes ranging from education and healthcare to women’s empowerment, livelihoods, disability to art, advocacy & animal welfare across India. Give with confidence to NGOs dispalying GuideStar India Platinum/ Gold Seals.

1.2 million+

Over 1.2 million people engaged in various acts of giving thru #GivingTuesdayIndia campaigns and messages, since India joined the global movement in 2017.  In 2019 alone, we reached over 14 million people.

Donate to a Cause close to your heart

Donate to high need Causes

Contribute Stationery Kits for eduction of underprivileged kids
Donate stationery kits for underprivileged kids

This program is a not-for-profit initiative by Snapdeal that aims to raise stationery kits...

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Join the effort to reclaim lakes of the ancient city of Chidambaram
Environmentalist Foundation Of India  
Chidambaram Lake Restoration

The ancient town of Chidambaram is blessed with a large number of lakes and ponds. Over the...

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Campaign over
Help us raise 10 million points to make a difference.

'Points for People' is a platform which encourages people to redeem all their credit and debit...

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Donate to GuideStar India Certified NGOs

Platinum Certified
Fight Against Child Cancer
Support a child fight cancer

Hemika Sharma is an adorable four-year-old girl who came to our Jaipur centre from the Bhiwani...

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Transparency Key
Bridging the Gap - Providing Education
An Untold Story

Neither the smile on her face nor the cheer in her voice hints at the pain and suffering that...

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Transparency Key
Education for Deafblind Children
Fulfilling Lives

Manoj, from Ara Bihar was born deafblind and during first seven years of his life was tied to...

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By B.Senthamilselvi

I am sure that you must be aware of the challenges and obstacles faced by children and persons...

Support for Water & Sanitation for rural...
By Pradeep Mohapatra

About the Organization: Two decades together with community, UDYAMA (...

Nominated NGO: UDYAMA
Connecting Community to Green Energy to minimize...
By Pradeep Mohapatra

About the Organization: Two decades together with community, UDYAMA (...

Nominated NGO: UDYAMA

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From the time you wake up to the time you sleep, have you made a count of how many times you find yourself complaining about something or the other? "There are too many mosquitoes here.""The flow of water is too slow to enjoy the shower.""Why does the maid have to be on leave today?""My driver is always late and gives lame excuses.""This breakfast is lousy, has spoilt my day.""Why do the kids need so much persuasion to wake up?""Why am I the only one responsible for everything that goes wrong?""Why are the trains running late?""How many more messages am I going to get from colleagues about leave?""The internet is too slow?""There is such poor mobile coverage!""Why is there so much traffic?""Don't we deserve cleaner air?""I can't take any more of this...everyone is running late!""Why is the air conditioner not cooling well?""The coffee is not strong enough. Don't you remember my preference?""Can't you see I am in the queue? Why are you trying to push me?""Why is your cab so warm? Can't you keep sun shades?""Why do I have to keep making corrections, all the time?""Why are you using both the arm rests and taking up so much space? I have also paid for my ticket."...Choose not to complain about anything for an entire day! Hold back your words and see if you can do something about the situation, or can you let go this one time or have a conversation, understand the underlying reason and help find a solution or reflect if there is something you could do differently or try to be grateful for what you have.#EveryTuesday#GivingTuesdayIndiaMy Giving for #MyBetterBharat  

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