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Think of a cause that you deeply care about, about an NGO that you met or read about, an incident that moved you to want to help someone. Use our upcoming powerful search to identify the NGO you can donate to. Remember all NGOs featured here have been verified. What’s more- you can donate to them online or through our collaborators who have special giving campaigns for the NGO. Become a champion fundraiser for your favourite NGO by running a campaign on crowdfunding platforms collaborating with #GivingTuesdayIndia.

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Pause for a few minutes, reach out to someone with a warm hug and hear their story, teach a skill to children, help a woman plan her savings, do a workshop, visit an old-age home, play with street children. Or do more serious stuff…help an NGO with its marketing plan, its investment strategy, do an IT audit, review their procurement policy or simply show their staff some tips and tricks with word processing or spreadsheets. You could even visit an NGO in your neighbourhood to learn about its work. You could invite an NGO to your workplace to sensitise your team about a social challenge or share a story of inspirational leadership. You will find plenty of opportunities to give your time ranging from a few minutes to your entire day on #GivingTuesdayIndia. Block the day on your calendar.

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Giving in kind is a great way to show you care! You can gift books, clothes, toys, furniture, footwear, groceries, gadgets, spectacles. Literally anything that is in usable condition. The memories of a prized possession become even more special when it continues to bring joy to someone, besides being kinder to our planet. Search for an in-kind need from the list NGOs that will be put up shortly. Make it a group activity by having collection boxes in your office, in your apartment lobby, your garage, a neighbourhood store. Engage friends to join you to sort, pack and deliver!

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Lending your voice to cause is a powerful form of giving! Your friends will be influenced moved by your story; they will feel inspired to do their bit with confidence because you connected them with a cause. Share your ideas, your plans, your stories of giving, with the hashtags #GivingTuesdayIndia #DaanUtsav. Follow us on social media to get notified and share what you like! Tag us on your posts and our team will help spread the word!

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