Time to be generous and talk about your acts of #CoronaKindness | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Time to be generous and talk about your acts of #CoronaKindness

The spread of Coronavirus has made us realise that we need to respond decisively, but unitedly as a global family. While the buzz word is social distancing, it’s  the time for us to be inclusive in thought and action so that we protect and care for all those within our reach, and beyond. While we practice physical self-isolation, we need to open our hearts and minds to show kindness and compassion. We read a lot about people stocking up groceries and gloves, we see pictures of overflowing shopping carts and empty supermarket shelves! We also get to hear about acts of solidarity and gratitude like the singing in Italy and Spain. We do get to read about a few stories of people sharing whatever they can with the more vulnerable. This Tuesday, let’s think of what each one of us can do to show compassion in these challenging times. Could we share at least a bit from our stocks of masks, gloves and soap with those working extra hard to serve us? Think of the delivery persons, the security staff and lift operators, the rickshawwallahs and drivers, the elderly who are more susceptible and yet cannot stand in queues to get their supplies. This is the time to show our generosity! Do your bit. And, do talk about your acts of #CoronaKindness to inspire others. #EveryTuesday#GivingTuesdayIndiaMy Giving for #MyBetterBharat