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Support Children and Persons with Disabilities

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To help the persons with disabilities

SummaryPersons with disabilities (PwDs) are the most excluded and marginalized community. With 40-80 million disabled people, India has one of the highest numbers of PwDs globally (World Bank report); 69% of them live in rural areas (India Census 2011). We seek your support to provide relevant medical aid and healthcare, and improve access to greater educational and employment opportunities. We, thereby hope to enhance and empower the quality of life for 308 PwDs in 14 villages.ChallengePersons with disabilities (PwDs) live a very challenging life. Due to lack of awareness, our target PwDs have not availed assistive devices and other rehabilitation services. Treatable impairments are ignored due to inability to access medical facilities. Children with sensory, motor, intellectual disability have no access to specialized care and are often found out of school. Youth/ adults are unemployed due to lack of education and skill training.SolutionWe will distribute assistive devices like wheelchairs, calipers, crutches, prosthesis, hearing aids, others. We will provide medical therapy and rehabilitation services and also facilitate access to secondary/ tertiary care. We will provide special education for the disabled children and impart appropriate skill development and vocational training for the disabled youth/ adults. We will also be facilitating access to government entitlements and schemes for the PwD and thus empower them.Long-Term ImpactDisability need not be an obstacle to success. We hope to empower the disabled by improving their access to health, rehabilitation, support, education and employment. We believe that it is our moral duty to remove the barriers to participation, and to unlock the vast potential of people with disabilities. It is our hope to ensure a dignified life for them and make them a contributing member to their families and society at large. Thus we will pave way for creating an inclusive society.Rs. 500 - For enabling a person with disability to access government entitlements/schemesRs. 1000 - For getting National ID card, rail/bus pass pass, disability pension or assistive device from Government agenciesRs. 2000 - Create awareness in the society about disability and the need for an inclusive societyRs. 5000 - Sponsor a therapy intervention/consultation session for a disabled child/adult for a monthRs. 10000 - Sponsor comprehensive special education for a child for three monthsRs. 20000 - Pay for a wheel chair, caliper, crutch, prosthesis, hearing aid for a PwD

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Monday, December 2, 2019 to Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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Tamil Nadu
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