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Growing Own Organic Food

During the Covid pandemic since month of March, community from the slum area of Washim city is passing through awful situation. Due to lockdown most of them have lost their jobs, rested their businesses, source of incomes or wages with no hopes and threatening future. This community is based in Alada Plot, Bagwan Pura, Bhangi Pura of Washim city. Most of them are drivers, labors, porters, scrap pickers, etc. having nothing in their hands for their livelihood. Provision of grocery kits and short term aid can no more work as people are losing their hopes.

Through our project, we are intending to make 250 families self-sustained in growing their own food at their own backyard. We will provide them with the kit of plant growing beds and seedlings. 25% will be given Rhinovermi beds and worms so that they can produce vermicompost at their home and exchange it with the one who with vegetable growers in their community. Excess amount of fertilizer they can sold to the market and generate income.

Following are the expected outcomes of our project-
1. To make the habit of growing own food during and post pandemic.
2. To grow nutritious and organic food at own backyard and contribute in better environment and ecology.
3. To contribute to the family by minimizing the expenditures during this economic crisis.
4. To nurture the feeling of self-sufficiency (Atmanirbhar) and happiness amongst the community.
5. Generate income by producing vermicomposting which further contribute in regenerative gardening.
6. Managing the waste at home and turn it into the income generation practice.
7. To get rid of poisonous food and have healthy nutritious food.
8. Gardening is a natural stress reliever, which will benefit the beneficiaries in this unprecedented time.

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14-Aug-2020 to 31-Dec-2020