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With each passing year, the Marathwada region is becoming desertified. Forest cover in the region is already minimal and is depleting further with each passing day. Deforestation which is the major cause of decreasing forest cover in Marathwada is resulting in declining rainfall in our region. Researches show that extensive deforestation often reduces cloud formation, rainfall, and brings anomalies in seasonality.

For years now, MANAVLOK has been undertaking various steps towards nature conservation, restoring ecosystems, and providing a helping hand to farmers with financial support from our donors and there’s still a long way to achieve our goals associated with protecting the environment.

This #WorldEnvironmentDay, with every donation of Rs. 1200/- from you, MANAVLOK will plant a set of 10 saplings on your behalf which could help Marathwada overcome its water scarcity, restore nature’s glory, and support farmers. We are planning to develop a fruit crop cluster whilst supporting farmers through this initiative.

This tree plantation service by MANAVLOK in Beed includes: -

  • Digging pits in advance for your plantation
  • Planting 12 different fruit sapling in a farmer’s land. Furthermore,
  • The parent farmer will be watering your plant at least twice every week
  • The parent farmer will be adding fertilizer to the sapling every quarter
  • If you are supporting our plantation drive in over 20 acres of land, you will have the access to visit the said plantation twice every year. #Time4Nature
MArathwada NAvnirman LOKayat (MANAVLOK)
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Start Date from:
04-Jun-2020 to 31-Dec-2020