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Free Virtual OPD for Mothers and Children across India

19-year old Tanjila Shaikh was visiting her sister in Dharavi - the largest slum in Asia and a hotspot for COVID-19 cases. Her husband is a construction worker. Tanjila was eight months pregnant and couldn’t return to her hometown in West Bengal because of the lockdown. She registered her pregnancy at Sion Hospital, Mumbai and came in contact with ARMMAN staff who supported her with critical information and guidance. A day before her delivery date, she called ARMMAN’s team complaining of acute stomach pain. ARMMAN’s team guided her on calling 108 for the free ambulance service to reach Sion hospital. However, at the hospital, she wasn’t getting admitted without a permanent address proof. ARMMAN team guided them to show a copy of the landlord’s electricity bill, after which they were admitted. Tanjila gave birth to a baby boy, who contracted jaundice and was kept in the incubator for four days. Throughout, Tanjila was guided by ARMMAN team on
care practices. Both mother and baby are fine now.


As hospitals across the country focus on COVID-19, regular care during pregnancy and for children is difficult as antenatal and paediatric outpatient departments (OPDs) are closed or not working at full capacity. Reaching the facility is challenging because of limited public transport. ARMMAN has started a pan-India free Virtual OPD (V-OPD) with the help of volunteer doctors. Pregnant women and mothers can call a toll-free number (1-800-212-1425) to reach obstetricians and paediatricians from Monday to Saturday. The V-OPD has 50+ volunteer obstetricians and gynaecologists with 100 average daily inbound calls and a capacity to handle 250.


Help us to reach all the women and children across the country who require medical guidance in these difficult times.

ARMMAN (Advancing Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity of Mothers, Children and Neonates)
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