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'Light' at the end of the tunnel

In the worst hit areas; the slums of Mumbai, Jeevan Dhara has been working in the front-lines since 31st Mar 2020 to bring some reprieve in these tough times. We distributed ration to families, delivering freshly cooked dal-kichdi to 1,800 families, & helped migrant workers. We started our community kitchen on 18th April benefiting 300 families with food. We have been able to reach out to 4466 families. Whenever we can, and as and when needed we have been able to help with medicines as well. The slum communities include Mankhurd East & West, Govandi, Sewree, Reay Road, Wadala, Mazgaon, Madanpura, Chor Bazar, Kamatipura, Darukhana, Mumbai Central, Santacruz and Ghatkopar. To continue this activity, so that people in the slums do not have to fight hunger and survival every day we need YOUR help and support. Pledge YOUR support toward JD ‘Ration Relief Kits’ (INR 700 for 15 days for 1 family of 4 members orJD ‘Hygiene Kits’ include sanitary napkins (INR 60/girl for 7 days) orPledge YOUR support toward medicines for people with diabetes, cancer, glaucoma, and other ailments. Join Us - Be the 'Light' at the end of the tunnel to these people in the slums who are fighting for survival every day!

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22-May-2020 to 15-Aug-2020