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Livelihoods Restoration and Build-back Project - COVID-19

Income Generation for the resource-poor through manufacture of COVID-relevant productsAs of now, re-usable masks appear to be a very urgent need. Many cities including Delhi, Gurugram and Mumbai have made wearing masks in public mandatory. Anybody found outside home without a mask is liable to be fined.We propose to make washable and re-usable masks made of cotton cloth as per the specifications issued by Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India.

  • Individuals from the community will be identified for the different stages of the production process.
  • All those who are skilled and showing interest in stitching will be asked to prepare samples of face masks using their own fabric to check their quality of work. Some of those selected will be assigned the job of cutting while most will be stitching.
  • As the lockdown has severely restricted the movement of people and goods across the city, vendors will be identified in/around the colonies where production is taking place for supply of fabric, threads and plastic sheets and packets.
  • In order to standardise the quality and size of the face masks being manufactured across the multiple production centres, pictorial depiction of the manufacturing process, size of cut fabric and sizes of individual components of the face mask will be shared with all associated individuals to ensure uniformity.
  • Staff members and vocational trainees of ETASHA will be assigned specific activities and they will be organised into teams to ensure effective monitoring and implementation of the production process, with the aim of developing an effective remote monitoring system given the specific challenges of the present situation.
  • We expect to work with approximately 35 persons, of which 20 will be those involved in cutting/ stitching.
  • We would target to make 40,000 masks per month.

The per unit estimated cost and the cost components for making and distributing re-usable and washable three-layer face masks is Rs.24.00Thus, a project for making 80,000 masks over a period of 2 months and providing income to around 35 families will cost Rs.19,20,000. 

ETASHA - A Society for Enabling and Training Adolescents for Successful & Healthy Adulthood
Programme Location
Start Date from:
11-May-2020 to 10-Nov-2020