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Don’t Let Lockdown 2020 Shut Our School Down!

Rohini, Kanishka, Gautam and Ruhani are waiting eagerly for the lockdown to get over and get back to their school. A school that is very different from the usual schools you know of. These 6-year-olds study sitting under trees even though they have big classrooms, they learn maths while playing games on the playground and they write dictation words while listening to songs! The arts play an integral part of their learning curve. And who doesn’t love the arts?! Akshara High School is a school with a heart. It is a school which truly goes beyond the boundaries of textbooks and syllabus, and allows a child’s imagination rule their learning process. Through the various colours, designs and out-of-the-box world of art, children learn the various academic subjects in a way that shapes their minds, hearts and thought processes. All this comes at fees that are highly subsidised. There’s even a 30% free-ship quota for single parents and 100% free-ship for girl-child education, making quality education accessible to all. With only 25 students per class, this school puts quality learning before everything else giving equal opportunity to all its children. Every child is made to feel special and that’s why they are all waiting to come back to school.  However, unfortunately, what Rohini, Kanishka, Gautam and Ruhani don’t know is that their dream school may not re-open, even after the lockdown is lifted. Akshara puts education beyond everything. Akshara High School is a one of a kind, not-for-profit school that strives to provide high quality education to children coming from varied socio-economic backgrounds and abilities. We heavily subsidise our fee for children in need. We also provide fee-waivers and free-ship to children of single parents, differently abled children and for girl child education. We have always been blessed with regular donations from well-wishers that has helped us run the school for years now.  However, the national lockdown due to Corona has resulted in a sudden drop in donations. Unfortunately, most of our parents have either lost their jobs or are facing huge pay-cuts which makes it difficult for them to pay even the subsidised fee. Which means, no donations and no fees to help keep the school running. So we are looking at you for help. We need the money to pay for technology needed for the current times, to pay for rent & maintenance, to pay our teachers & staff and to help cover student fees. Please click below to help us save our school. Will you help us fight this virus as it is trying to take away the dreams we have for our 256 students at Akshara? Any contribution matters a lot to us! All we want to do is to make sure that our students can come back to school once all of this is over. All we want to do, is to let their imagination run wild again. You can help! You can stop their school from shutting down forever due to the lockdown!

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05-May-2020 to 10-Jun-2020