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Help Homeless Beat Hunger And Stay Safe

With no home, no food, no income, and a high level of vulnerabilities the homeless population are severely impacted by pandemic.  Neither, they have savings, social support nor being able to access health care, in the given situation how does this help them to face a new threat and survive in this catastrophe?  Social distancing and self-isolation are impossible in spaces where homeless people live.How can they "Stay safe, Stay Home"!?There are 1 million urban homeless as per the last census.The virus does not differentiate but the poor living conditions, lack of social support, and less access to the information related to COVID19 can potentially contribute to more serious problems and worsen the existing challenges. The majority of the homeless suffer from health issues due to lack of access to health, food and other basic amenities which increases the negative coping strategies making them more vulnerable and prone to be infected very easily by COVID-19.As we know that precaution is the only prevention from the COVID-19. With your support and our effort ensure that the homeless people living in the open on street and in the shelter should get at least two meals and do not sleep hungry; or else they will be at high risk of adverse impact from the crisis.The support will be through supplies of dry ration along with a Hygiene kit to each homeless individual for two months to safeguard themselves during the outbreak and the nationwide lockdown. Disinfection of the shelter, awareness-raising and general hygiene promotions and ensuring people have access to relevant and accurate information on the diseases to educate and sensitize the homeless on the prevention from COVID’19.IGSSS strongly believes in “Leave No One Behind” and through its work and action strives to reach the neediest and vulnerable communities to alleviate human suffering arising out of Pandemic. Your support will help reach the homeless in times of this crisis and able to meet the humanitarian needs with dignity by providing a lending hand for their survival. Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) along with its partners will engage and coordinate with people, CSOs, local and state authorities through coordinated actions to reach the communities at high risk. For the latest updates, kindly connect with us through:https://www.facebook.com/IGSSShttps://twitter.com/IGSSShttps://www.instagram.com/igsss_official/https://www.youtube.com/user/IGSSSVideos 

Indo-Global Social Service Society
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04-May-2020 to 24-Jun-2020