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Help us feed stray animals amidst COVID - 19

The Corona virus has locked people inside their homes, caused the death of thousands of individuals and is now hurting animals. These furry four-legged creatures are suffering as the lockdown has left them wandering on the streets for food.Since the Janta Curfew, many animals have been starving for days. Hundreds of them scouting for tidbits of food here and there.Stray animals are seen wandering around the streets of India. They’re reliant on the scraps given by the public such as passersby, restaurants, and so on. Amidst the lockdown, hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, shops, and establishments have been shut down. These stays already live in horrendous conditions and the lockdown is starving them to death. The strays often relied on people who’ve kindly left out water in bowls. Without any source of food and water, these animals are suffering. After a directive issued by Maneka Gandhi that the stray animals can be fed. AMTM has made a strategic plan to feed the animals. Due to the risk of Corona, AMTM will be taking several precautions to execute the drive. We plan on making four AMTM teams for the Mumbai region. To avoid the risk of getting infected, they’ll conduct midnight operations. The staff and volunteers will hire 4 to 8 ambulances to conduct the drive. They’ll also conduct food, water and healthcare checks. Keeping the safety of the staff and volunteers in mind, AMTM will be responsibly conducting the drive at wee hours. Corona virus can be fatal if the stray animals aren’t fed as it can raise several issues that can elevate the problem. AMTM will be operating on alternative days to cover all the respective regions in Mumbai to ensure that all the stray animals get food. For the animals, we are looking for dog food, cat food, food bowls and water bowls. We are looking for donations to provide the volunteers and employees with face masks, sanitizers, and first aid kits. This initiative is to protect the volunteers who’re going out of their way to help feed these stray animals. You can help feed many stray animals from the comfort of your own home. Help feed these animals so they can withstand the crisis until things go back to normal. Together, we can do it. Donate to help feed these stray animals. Don’t let them starve. 

Animals matter to me, Mumbai
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03-Apr-2020 to 31-Aug-2020