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Transform lives in Amreli & Gir Somnath

Here in proposed project area (Amreli & Gir Somnath districts), the nature of land is most of saline for which farmers of costal area cannot produce enough crops from these lands. If we want to provide sustainable livelihood then we have to work for Water Resource Management, animal husbandries and agriculture in aspects of environment. Though irrigation system is in place but it is not of worth. Farmers don’t know the way of scientific farming and follow the traditional system of farming. For all of these reasons farming is yield less production, so small, marginal and poor farmers and many youths do migrate to nearest city for other occupation. Women have to face lots. Some time children leave the school and also join in labour activities due to poverty. This is hazardous for them. Our key learning in this area is that saline water and saline land has affected the health and agriculture and hence people migrate for the lack of opportunity in agriculture and joining other livelihood options especially male. So, we want: • To empower women through training on scientific farming • To provide best technology for farming • To increase the use of Micro Irrigation System (MIS) • To improve the productivity of irrigated land • To increase level of sweet water in saline area • To improve use-efficiencies of water, energy, nutrient and human effort in agriculture. • To conserve scarce resources such as water and electricity • To eradicate Child labour

Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra
Programme Location
Start Date from:
01-May-2020 to 31-Mar-2021