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People having HIV/Aids, Disability and old age are physically too weak to work, and mentally drained out as well. In fact, these people, who belong to the weaker sections in the society, are unable to resolve their needs on their own sources. Keeping in view of the vulnerability of these people and based on the availability of sources, CERDS has been extending nutrition support to them in its target villages to lead normal life and counter health hazards. In this reporting period, CERDS had distributed total 420 nutrition kits to 70 most needy and vulnerable persons to meet their nutrition diet for the period of April’19 to Sept’19.CERDS had given priority to women and children in distribution of nutrition kits. Anuradha, aged 46 is one among the above 70 beneficiaries. She belongs to a poor backward caste community. She has been surviving from HIV/Aids for last 16 years. Unfortunately it had been transmitted to her from her infected husband. Due to this deadly virus, her husband had expired by now and Anuradha is leading life in a pathetic condition. She has a married son, who settled in another village. Anuradha has been neglected by her son since after he got married. Anuradha holds no assets except a small single room semi-permanent shelter. She attends agricultural labor works to meet her living costs. Since she has been suffering from HIV/Aids for a long-time, she couldn’t able to attend constantly to livelihood activity resulting in scarcity of income and inability to have sufficient nutrition diet. Also, she often visits hospital and spends most part of her revenue for relieving from health hazards. Many times her health fallen down in to alarming condition, but fortunately with support of local health departments and CERDS nutrition support, her health condition come back to normal. Keeping in view of her vulnerable conditions, CERDS has been supporting to her nutrition cum household provisions for last two years. In fact, two years ago, she seems to be that she wouldn’t survive any more days on this earth. Even in the reporting period, her health condition fallen down twice in to critical condition, but the support of nutrition provisions take vital part to recover rapidly from ill health and to lead normal life. Concerned doctors, who examine her health status, also had confirmed this and they often advice her to have this nutrition support regularly in her daily diet. "Thanks lot to the donors for their generous support to the vulnerable people." Their sponsor support helps to the so many disadvantaged women and children to take breathe some more days and relieve from the vicious circle of fatal disease, substandard living conditions and inability to have the love, care and affection. Keeping in view of vulnerability of people of these disadvantaged groups, CERDS would like to extend same kind support to at least 200 people in coming years.

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