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Previous Achievements/program and interventions: WATER CONSERVATION PROGRAM AT - JALGAON. Tal- Rahata (Ahmednagar) Due to the paucity of the rain the drinking water problem is threating to the village Jalgaon, but through our institution we have solve the problem under the water conservation project, under this plan we have dig the agri tank in 1 hector and 40r points water collection is done and water tank at Jalgaon and 2.5 K.M water trenches is digged due to this agriculture land is properly cultivated due to water supply the institute has built 1 hector and 40 r points for water collection has been build. Due to trenches and other water conservation the farmers are very happy and giving the lots up thanks to institution. Benefit is getting Nearly 6000 People Adoption of village – (Two) Kelwad & Jalgaon After the micro level surveys. We found many people are under the BPL and the other poor people without the finance cannot come-up as we have checked the ration card / Aadhar card and BPL with the source of information with the Government local officer. Health Project (Medical Clinic (OPD). Kelwad) Criteria in Ahmednagr district & Other District Beneficiary is Total = 10000.After the micro Surveys we have select the villages for Project Work Surrounded by nearest village within 200 Km Future projects Girls hostel Project Proposal for Mobilized Primary Health Center. Women’s Empowerment and Training Center project

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01-Apr-2019 to 31-Dec-2022