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Join our efforts to support homeless & visually impaired people

Our Vision: Helping Hand India Ngo, New Delhi, is working at a National level & tries its best to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through relevant education, innovative healthcare and livelihood programmes. MISSION SUPPORT FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED: We are working hard for our National level mission through our Project Narayan Blind Home & Vocational Training, which is committed to providing basic education and training to visually impaired to make them self earners. We are unhappy as we are unable to do much for their improvement as per our MISSION EMPLOYMENT as committed. The objective is to make them self earners, so that they can be empowered of their capabilities. Similarly we are supporting Projects for The Elderly Homeless Free of Cost + Creating Our Techie Girl through Free Training and Placement on Basic Computer Skills. Website :-www.helpinghandindiango.org Helping Hand India Ngo projects 1. Sainath Dada Dadi’s Old Age Home 2. Narayan Blind's home and vocational training 3. Techie Girl - Free Computer Education for Women 4. Medical Camp for Dental, Eye & Blood Donation https://youtu.be/jOBi2NQQNSw https://youtu.be/isBr_EY1x5w https://youtu.be/PLAG4ot601o https://youtu.be/WmYeKZhOJCI https://youtu.be/4KXTcpVpzYI

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