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Sakhi: Contribute menstrual cups to slum women of Thane

A women uses approximately 4000-6000 pads in her lifetime. Thane city generates approximately, 100 tons of menstrual waste every year, however due to lack of clarity of management of this waste, it ends up in landfills or our water bodies. Project Sakhi is a pan-city initiative of Thane based NGO Rnisarg Foundation along with Gynaecologists towards bringing awareness among females to make wise choice for themselves and the environment. Sakhi Centers located at Doctors’ clinics will guide staff, patients and the community around to make a switch to Menstrual cup for a happier Period and safer environment. Sale of menstrual cups will also be made available through these Sakhi Centres. By doing this, Rnisarg Foundation aims to ensure that menstrual cups are accessible and affordable to every women As part of the community outreach, awareness workshop on menstrual cup and hygiene will also be held for neighboring slum women. To ensure that every menstruating women is able to use menstrual cup, Rnisarg Foundation seek contribution. Any donation received towards Sakhi program will be utilized towards providing a cup to slum women.

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