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Road accident is one of the most common disasters worldwide. The degree of accidents varies from place to place and time to time. India has about 1 % of the world’s vehicles but accounts for about 10 % of the World’s Road Crash fatalities. In 2004 the number of accidents were recorded 4,13,900 out of which 91,376 deaths took place but by 2013 it rose to 4,69,900 accidents and 1,37,423 deaths.1 Meaning thereby the fatality of the accidents has increased severely. In addition, 111% road crashes are under reported, found in the study conducted by Save Life Foundation. This led to partially or permanent disability to over 5, 00,000 populations in the country. Bihar was ranked 10th in road accident having 4,989 deaths in 2013 & Patna was ranked 4th in road accident in 2016.

It is a serious challenge for the road commuters, transporters, doctors and government. Therefore it is joint responsibility of each individual, transport companies, commercial vehicle operators/drivers, transport department, road construction department, medical professionals, hospitals, CSOs and finally government to act swiftly and educate the mass about the safety norms and practicing the same. A policy level action, implementation of the rules and regulations, road behaviour by the commuters is need of the time.

The campaign “Yes! I Follow Road Safety Rules” is a small but important initiative form Sankalp Jyoti (Bihar based registered NGO). It is expected that the campaign would reach out to each ear of last lanes of villages and cities for safeguarding themselves by following safety rules set by the policy makers time to time. Hopefully, such practice would inculcate as a habits of the commuters gradually which would minimize the road accidents in the state and the country.

We have completed two studies on Causes of Road Accidents in Patna in 2016 and Awareness of Traffic Rules & Signs among the Commuters, Traffic Police & others in Patna in 2017 at Dakbunglow, Kargil chowk, Dinkar chowk, Kankarbagh Auto Stand, Danapur Bus Stand, Patliputra Golambar/Boring Road Chauraha, Anishabad By-Pass more, Zero Mile, Patna City Chowk & Mithapur Bus Stand with association of SAFETY ALIANCE (A network of CSOs-formed by Sankalp Jyoti).

On the basis of the findings of studies Sankalp Jyoti & Safety Alliance conducted awareness workshop on Road Safety among the students of 10 colleges and Schools in Patna with the association of National Cadet Corps, Patna & Indian Road Safety Campaign(A National Campaign of Delhi IIT & Ministry of Road Transport & Highways).The theme of the workshop is brainstorming on Road Safety V/S Traffic Management.

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