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Jhatkaa.org - Help India breathe

Activities: 1. Distribute 10,000 anti-pollution masks to the auto/cab drivers and others in across the country, particularly Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi: - This will be done using Jhatkaa.org volunteers across the city - Distribution will take place at auto/cab stands, distribution engagement with Ola/Uber cabs. 2. Conduct seminars explaining the health impacts of air pollution on individual health: - We will do this by getting medical professionals to talk to the communities about health impacts of air pollution and what they can do to protect themselves. - We will also be in touch with a small group of drivers over the next few months to get information on how they are feeling (health-wise). 3. Creative engagement: - We will get citizens to take photos of auto/cab drivers wearing masks and share them on social media with a hashtag thereby showcasing the increasing number of them wearing masks. - We will also ask Jhatkaa.org volunteers to take selfies with auto and cab drivers in masks on social media. 4. Outcomes: - Increased number of drivers and high risk individuals across the country wearing masks - Build a highly engaged community across Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai who volunteer to support Jhatkaa.org in running events to engage the general public and educate them about the health impacts of air pollution.

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