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Psychiatric rehabilitation for farmers in distress

This project aims to aid farmer's in depression, their relatives and others struggling with mental health problems in Vidarbha region. Initiating rehabilitation and counselling centre with face-to-face treatment for patients may help to reduce the farmer's suicide crisis in Vidarbha. This project may help to tackle several problems including; lack of treatment, lack of resources and facilities for the mentally ill and social discrimination against those suffering depression problems.

Vidarbha is often cited as the ground zero for farm distress. In the last decade, Maharashtra saw 200,000 farmer suicides with 70% of them being in the 11 districts of Vidarbha. Ecological issues of increasing temperatures and the more variable monsoons is one the major reasons of the tragic increase in farmer suicides. Yet no efforts has been made to address the mental health and depression issues.

This project will help to improve the mental health of patients in Vidarbha to promote understanding, reduce stigma and help individuals lift themselves out of the impacts of poor mental health especially for those who don't have resources and enough knowledge. Treatment options, support groups, knowledge of mental health & inclusion in society can be greatly achieved through rehabilitation center. Which will help our society to get rid of farmer suicide crisis in Vidarbha.

Long-Term Impact
This project aims to rehabilitate hundreds and thousands of mentally retard and depressed patients to gain good state of mental health and avail the opportunities to succeed in life.

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