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Help A Rural Youth Get Skilled

15 million youngsters enter the workforce every year, however more than 75 per cent of them are not 'job-ready.' In fact, only two per cent of India's labour force have undergone some skill training at all.

In spite of the fact that there is enormous potential in rural India, limited infrastructure, a lack of educational facilities and few financial support options often mean that a large portion of rural talent goes waste - with many young people resorting to unskilled agricultural jobs.

Additionally, thousands of rural youth migrate every day to urban areas in search of education, training, employment and livelihood opportunities.

You can give rural youth the opportunity of a lifetime, by sponsoring them to obtain a skill to support their livelihood. Ambuja Cement Foundation has 30 skill training institutes in rural areas that provide rural youth with a wide variety of skilling opportunities to give them choices in life.

These Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Institutes offer 29 different courses covering sectors such as construction, health, capital goods, automotive, retail, hospitality, security, beauty & wellness, and garment making among others.

ACF plays a significant role in breaking the gender stereotypes attached to many occupations, and in actively engaging the differently abled into careers where they can start their own business and prosper in life


You are free donate any amount towards this goal. Here are some indicative costs

• 20,000 supports one person’s complete training

• 5000 supports one month’s training cost.

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