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Sponsor daycare for 1000 children of construction labourers!

Imagine a child. The image of a child flashes across one’s mind as that of a happy, carefree, innocent face with sparkling eyes. It conjures up a picture of a dreamlike life. But what if this picture suddenly fades away, ruthlessly replaced by a child lying in the mud, unfed and uncared for, breathing dust-filled air and not knowing whom to call out for help? Thousands of children of construction workers today lead unnatural, inhuman life, as they struggle to survive. How can their lives be cared for? 

Mobile Creches (MC) works for protecting the early childhood development period of young children under six years. Since 1969 Mobile Creches is working continuously for bringing positive change and making lives better through its safe, nurturing shelter for the children of construction workers, open six days a week, eight hours a day, on the site near the hutments, where the little ones could play, learn, eat, sleep - and be cared for. 

The money that is raised through Milaap and through other sources will go directly towards the children and their families.

Mobile Creches for Working Mothers' Children
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