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A boy’s journey in search of his mother

There are many children across India, who run away from home, are abandoned or go missing and come face to face with the daunting railway network.

Bhibhu (age 14) ran away from home after his parents got into a fight and sought help from a friend who promised to help find his mother. Alone and scared, he was found at the Ghaziabad Railway Station by our teams, after his friend had abandoned him half-way.

He was then taken to a nearby shelter home for immediate care, but didn’t speak or communicate with anyone, delaying the process for the team in finding details of his whereabouts, and attempting to trace his family.

It was through repeated counselling sessions and consistent efforts by a speech therapist that Bhibhu was able to gain some confidence to speak, exercise his facial muscles, express his emotions, and share details of his family and home.

6 months later, Bhibhu finally spoke with his parents, who were overjoyed in finding out that he was safe! Yet, he awaits reuniting with them due to the continued lockdown due to covid.  

We are working tirelessly to ensure that children are safe and protected and restored back to their families. There are many more children like Bhibhu who lose their way and have nowhere to go. But there’s a way you can help.

Help get a child back home. Make a donation now to see a family reunited.

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