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Give Her A Voice

I am Dr. Tavisha Kashyap a dentist residing in Gurgaon (Haryana).   The COVID pandemic has been unprecedented and has taken a toll on everyday life.  The lockdown has forced all of us to stay indoors.  I am fond of painting and I decided to paint as a form of therapy during this period. I find painting to be extremely relaxing; it allows me to express myself and be creative with colours. 

The inspiration to raise funds for educating the girl child came to me from a family friend who did something similar in another country. Thanks to Guide Star India for helping me connect with Sukarya organization.

In our country the girl child has not been given her due place in the society; there is a gender inequality against the girl child.  Living in Haryana, I have seen this around me.   It is especially predominant in the villages where a girl born into a family is considered to be a liability. We have to break free from this notion that the girl child is inferior to the boys.  One way to do this is by providing education to the girl child so that that she gets an equal chance to make a mark in the society.  Our country will continue to languish until we do not utilise the full potential of our citizens.  This means the females will also have to play their role in the development of the nation.

I strongly believe that ‘Education is every girl’s birth right’ and therefore, I can relate with what Sukarya is doing for the girl child. 

This is a cause which is very close to my heart.  I shall be associated with this cause by giving away my paintings to the donors who donate to the Sukarya Gender Equality Program. I appeal to readers to contribute generously for this a noble cause.


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