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Restore the Balance of Nature

India being one of the world’s largest biodiversity hotspots has been a target of wildlife poachers and smugglers responsible for operating many notorious wildlife contrabands. For years, rhino horns, pangolin scales and meat, tiger and leopard claws, bones, skins, whiskers, and elephant tusks, among many others have been smuggled out of the country. The COVID-19 outbreak has been determined as a zoonotic disease - meaning it originated from an animal.

We need your support to end this heinous crime which will also help in reducing the risks of future pandemics.

Our work includes:
1. WWF India and TRAFFIC India’s sniffer dog training programme works to curb growing wildlife crimes in our country. These dogs are deployed across India and trained to detect bone and skin of tigers and leopards, elephant tusk, bear bile, deer antlers and plant products like Red Sanders and Caterpillar Fungus. In the field, these dogs have adapted their sniffing skills to detect an array of additional wildlife parts and derivatives including deer meat, live birds, snakes, porcupines, turtles, tortoises and marine products.

2. Protect key wildlife corridors and secure the survival of iconic species. Your contribution will help us install camera traps along with various Forest Departments across varied and diverse habitats. These camera traps are useful in monitoring specific species and study increasing negative human-wildlife interactions. Overall, information gathered from camera trap images help conservationists in taking management and policy decisions.

3. Support affected forest fringe communities, farmers and fisher-folk from remote areas. WWF India promotes alternate livelihood options for these local communities and build long-term conservation actions to mitigate habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade in these regions.

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