Shower some love by generously giving away your pre-loved articles! | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Shower some love by generously giving away your pre-loved articles!

With Valentine's Day coming soon, we dedicate this month to celebrating love. Love not just between romantic partners but love for all our fellow human beings. There are so many ways for us to express love for another, and this February, #EveryTuesday we'll share opportunities to express love and compassion to people you may not know personally, but could be sure that your love would be welcomed and accepted!
Shower some love by generously giving away your pre-loved articles!
When you really love someone, something you enjoy doing is giving them gifts. You invest a lot of time in picking the right ones – would it be something they would like, something they need and were hoping someone would give, would they like the colour, would it be of the right size and fit, would it be safe and durable, etc. Would you give them something old, broken or not functional, would you just gift something you simply wanted to discard? This week, make in-kind donations to organisations working for a cause close to your heart. Spend some time to understand what their needs are, talk to them and get to know how you could help them. May be it's a local shelter that needs fresh produce or a local hospital that needs a batch of fresh medicines or toys for their children’s ward. Really immerse yourself in the experience and you will feel the same joy as you would when giving presents to a loved one. And don't just send them the gift - go give it to them, wrapped beautifully in your love! Just as you would spend time with your loved one, watching their reaction as they open the gifts, do the same with the in-kind gifts you donate this season of love! Spend a few precious moments watching people unwrap and use your pre-loved gift: show them the wonderful ways of using your favourite gadget or toy or wearing the garment that was dear to you, read a chapter from the book that was your inspiration, serve the dish you cooked with love. Happy gifting this season of love!

To view in-kind needs of NGOs, visit:
(Select the item you wish to give and browse thru organisations that have a need for it, click on the org name to connect.)
To connect with NGOs, nearest to you, visit:
(Choose the org, call them to check for their immediate needs and take your gifts to them.)