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Rural Students skill Development Programme

Project Details

Proposed Project Objectives:

• To give computer education and life skill training to the government school students.
• To imparting skills in computer and personality development.
• To improve self-confident for applying the knowledge in future for their development.
• To learn basic computer skill and self-awareness through the life skill training.

Need for the project:

WEEDS functions with 1400 women Self Help Groups (SHG) in the districts of Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, Chengalpet and Chennai suburb and generates societal, economical awareness and doing development activities among people. While serving, WEEDS identified this government school with lack of computer lab facility. Many of the students studying in this government school are our Self-help group women’s children. During our field work we have found the children with inadequacy with computer knowledge and personality development.For the following school and location we are going to work:

Name of the School : KundrathurPanchayat union government middle School
Location                   : Karasangal village, Padappai, Kancheepuram district
Target students        : Classes from 6th to 8th grade
No. of student beneficiaries for 2 years : 90 students
Beneficiaries for 5 years : 225 students (Projected)

We found that children from this area are from economically poor background who are not aware of the computer skill and are lack social skills. After completing their secondary school without any knowledge they choose computer science as their major subject in the higher secondary. Even while pursuing their higher secondary they take computer group without any information and with all strong they get pass from schools. The same happens in the college as well, so after completing their college these students won’t get proper job because of less knowledge in the field of computer.

Even though they have completed Graduation/ Higher education, due to lack of computer knowledge and skills many students are working at textiles, jewellery shop, garment factory and other low grade jobs.

In today’s world majority of the works are getting digitalised. 90% of our day to day activity involves with technology. So we believe that our staff team and women self-help group federation if we will give them basic computer knowledge and life skill training for the students to the rural government school students, definitely it will be will change their life style and improve their quality of life.

Implementation plan:

• For setting up the computer lab - Computers, Tables and chairs will be purchased. New Facilitator will be given training about the programme by WEEDS. The facilitator will teach the students of classes 6th – 8th Grade about the basics of computers. The Students will learn the basics of computers with PCs – practical methods. Both practical and theoretical methods to be used to teach students in bilingual language.

• For life skill training - The trainer will train the student according to the WHO life skill training module. The 10 modules are 1. Self-awareness 2. Empathy 3. Critical Thinking 4. Creative thinking 5. Decision Making 6. Problem Solving 7. Effective Communication 8. Interpersonal relationship 9. Coping with stress 10. Coping with emotions

Duration of the intervention:

The proposed project is for 2 years period of time. The computer lab will be set up in a month from the date of receiving funds.After the 24 months ( 2 year) of the project period WEEDS will continue to support the facilitator/Trainer by giving them Honorarium and Maintenance of the lab through crowd funding and by approaching other donors. So, that the project continues for 5 years.

Action Plan:

• Formulation of an operational plan for starting the computer education and life skill training class
• Pre assessment of student knowledge about computer skills.
• Accessing the student knowledge about social attitude in the society.
• Sourcing the Facilitators for training the students.
• Starting of the computer and life skills training for students.
• Monitoring and evaluation of the programs by the WEEDS organisation

Outcome of the Project:

• Through our computer education, 100% of students will get good basic knowledge in operating Computer.
• Through life skill training students will be developed with personality and attitude.
• This will be a role model/pilot programme for other government school.
• Parents will be happy about student’s attitude and knowledge.

Project Budget:

Non Recurring
A.1 10 Computers cost : 10 * $ 320 = $ 3200
A.2 Computer Table & Chair : 10 * $ 50 = $ 500
A.3 Education Materials (Text Books) : 90 * 2.5 = $ 225
A.4 Internet connection for 2 years : = $ 215

B.1 Computer educator salary $ 160 * 24 months = $ 3840
B.2 Life skill trainer Honorarium $ 40 * 24 months = $ 960
B.3 Repairs & Maintenance $ 27 * 8 times =$ 216

C.1 Project coordination cost 5 %

Overall Total Amount = $ 9614 / Rs.7,21,050 /-

We are interested to collaborate with companies to implement this programme as an CSR activity. Interested donors/employees can refer us to your HR's.

(The above budget is according with the date of project written & quotation received from the vendors, maybe slight changes during the purchase of materials)

Humble request to donors to share their contacts (email or Phone Number) so that we can update about the progress. Donors/visitors please share this project with your colleagues/friends & families.

Is there any doubt/collaboration regarding this project please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us : ,


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Thursday, June 30, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022
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Tamil Nadu
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