Put some love upfront into your giving! Get involved before you Click2Give! | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Put some love upfront into your giving! Get involved before you Click2Give!

“The role of giving, above all, is to help us live out our ideals, our beliefs, our best opinion of ourselves, so that when we look into the mirror, we can see someone who as a citizen takes responsibility. Someone who as a neighbour cares.” - Peter Drucker
This Tuesday of this month of Valentine, do an act that is sure to make you love yourself! Make a donation to an NGO and see the difference that you can create! 
People often shy away from giving because they feel that their funds might not be utilised in the correct manner or that it will not create the impact they want to see. Which is why, today we are asking you to take responsibility for your gift, get involved, put your heart into it, go beyond before you #Click2Give! When you make a gift of donation to someone or to an organisation, instead of testing them to see if they would use the money in a fruitful manner, or finding fault with them in the end, be proactive! Put some love upfront into your giving. 
Just as you would want to get to know the person you love, talk to them/ read about them to learn more about why they do what to do, what are the challenges they face, what are their aspirations. Go visit the organisation you are donating to and see how your money could be transforming lives and be an active contributor. Make the effort to go beyond before your transaction, your involvement will help you to trust their actions. The agency should be theirs after all - on how they can create positive change for themselves! Observe how your donation given with your involvement brings you immense joy. If your donation makes the intended difference, you will dance with joy, and if it did not, you would be wiser about how difficult it is and what else or what more you could do to help! You are sure to love the person you see in the mirror, a person of compassion taking responsibility for the world around you!
To learn about NGOs and donate, visit: https://www.givingtuesdayindia.org/ngo-stories
(Browse profiles of NGOs, connect with them if you have questions, get involved, #Click2Give.)
To connect with NGOs, nearest to you, visit: https://www.givingtuesdayindia.org/find-ngos
(Choose the org, call them to check for their immediate needs and take your gifts to them.)
To learn about giving thoughtfully, visit: https://www.givingtuesdayindia.org/giving-wisely