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India is a part of the biggest generosity movement in the world called #GivingTuesday! You can express your generosity by donating to trusted NGOs! Today is a great day to share your #MyGivingStory! Look up our Random Acts of Kindness section for ideas to express kindness wherever you are! | Celebrate inclusion thru a special shopping experience for the disabled at Big Bazaar! Volunteer to help your differently abled staff or the communities served by your NGO partners to shop! Visit any of the 292 Big Bazaar stores on 7th Dec, 12-5pm. Browse this page to register. | Participate in the Giving Carnival 2019 in Bengaluru! A week of exciting events by IAmHere including Donation Boxes & Trucks, Blood Donation and Pet Adoption, Cultural Events, NGO Fair and Volunteering Drives! Browse this page for details. "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Share your giving story with us and inspire the world with your act of kindness. Participate in #MyGivingStory, a global giving story challenge which is currently on in many countries across the globe. Submit your story at bit.ly/mygivingstoryindia to earn votes, and get supporters for your favourite NGOs. Submit your story. Hurry up! #MyGivingStoryIndia #GivingTuesdayIndia |
170 million+

#GivingTuesdayIndia helps millions of everyday givers make contributions that add up to make a big impact when they all give to their preferred causes at the same time! This number indicates funds raised through specific #GivingTuesdayIndia campaigns conducted since launch in 2017 by platforms, corporate & NGOs. Figures for 2019 are still coming in. Actuals would be higher as all givers do not report numbers.


Verified by GuideStar India, these NGOs serve causes ranging from education and healthcare to women’s empowerment, livelihoods, disability to art, advocacy & animal welfare across India. Give with confidence to NGOs dispalying GuideStar India Platinum/ Gold Seals.

1.2 million+

Over 1.2 million people engaged in various acts of giving thru #GivingTuesdayIndia campaigns and messages, since India joined the global movement in 2017.  In 2019 alone, we reached over 14 million people.

Donate to a Cause close to your heart

The GivingTuesday India Generosity Run

The GivingTuesday India Generosity Run gives people an opportunity to express solidarity with one another, an occasion to celebrate our freedom with gratitude to the Father of the Nation for his tireless efforts and follow his message to care for fellow citizens who are yet to experience freedom from poverty! It combines the quest for fitness for oneself with a desire to champion causes and be a change-maker! The run aims for runners to collectively cover the distance of 79,000 kilometres that Gandhiji walked for India's freedom.R

Run, Jog, Walk, Move on a wheelchair, anywhere, anytime, using any App, for any Cause you care dearly about! Start your run on Oct 2, Gandhi Jayanti, and end latest on Oct 11! Simply upload an image (photo) of your fitness App on your race registration page.

Donate to high need Causes

The Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation India (RMHCFI)  
Help us raise 50 million points to make a difference.

Points for People’ is a charity platform with a difference. Promoted by Strategic Caravan...

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Contribute Stationery Kits for eduction of underprivileged kids
Donate stationery kits for underprivileged kids

This program is a not-for-profit initiative by Snapdeal that aims to raise stationery kits...

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Please help Seva Kitchen feed less privileged people during the...
Please help Seva Kitchen feed less privileged people during the Corona crisis.

The Corona outbreak has left people locked in their homes. The safety measures are required to...

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Donate to GuideStar India Certified NGOs

Platinum Certified
Sponsor a pre-school child for a month, quarter or a year
Empowering communities to learn and grow!

Muktangan was started in 2003 with the purpose to deliver quality education to the underserved...

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Platinum Certified
Post Covid-19 Revive & Rebuild – Migrant Workers
Post Covid-19 Revive & Rebuild – Migrant Workers

 The Problem:The pandemic has destroyed millions of jobs, rendering youth,...

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Gold Certified

Leveraging technology to improve development of children with disabilities and empower...

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Empowering communities to learn and grow!

Muktangan was started in 2003 with the purpose to deliver quality education to the underserved communities of Mumbai. Over the last 16 years Muktangan has evolved into a hub and spoke model of a Teacher Education Centre and 7 English-medium Mumbai Municipal schools from Preschool to Grade 10, set up and run by us with our unique design, all located in Mumbai’s G South ward where we offer child-friendly education to over 3,700 children from underserved communities. Annually our pre-school program provides a developmentally appropriate, learner-friendly early childhood education to 840 children from under-served communities.

Their purpose is to build a nation of happy, healthy, curious and communicative children. (signifying creative problem solvers and conscientious decision makers having sound social, emotional well being.)

Their goal is to enable access of quality education to every child in our country (through our partnerships with Government and non-governmental organizations, working at grassroots level).



Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking to...
By Satarupa Majumder

Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society has been working in Sunderbans over last 13 years and this...

By Vedika Desai

Have you ever babysat your younger siblings? Those little monsters that always sneak behind your...

Distribution of Food Ration among Destitute...
By Himanshu Rath

Agewell Foundation has been distributionf Free Food Ration Packets among destitute elderly...

Nominated NGO: Agewell Foundation

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"Help me get a smokeless cookstove and let’s do our bit for a cleaner environment!"

This week, donate to help rural women get smokeless cookstoves (chulhas) and do your bit for their health and for a cleaner environment!

Tomorrow, 16th September, marks a very importantday - World Ozone Day. The protective layer around our planet that saves us from the harmful UV rays of the sun has now depleted and left us all exposed to the dangers of climate change. There is increasing evidence that many household energy solutions that are “clean” for health are also clean and beneficial for the environment. Clean-burning stoves can also reduce emissions of methane and carbon monoxide. This Tuesday, by donating to CHINAR, you can do your bit to help save the planet and improve the lives of tribal women too.

CHINAR, a ...

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