Armed with a smile

7-year-old Maykannan Perumal Harijan was born handicapped. He had only one arm. In January 2018, we started working for ragpicker's children and noticed his missing arm. We spoke to his parents who said that they couldn't get a disability certificate for him as there had been no accident case they could use as proof, and when Maykannan was born, the hospital did not mention he was born without an arm. With a little bit of research, we managed to trace the hospital and called them to issue the certificate.

Seeing my mother

My mother is a very generous person and has always helped people in need. When she was hospitalized, a blind couple she supported spent two hours searching for her room as they had come to "see" her. I do believe there is a return in every giving act you do that cannot be quantified. 

A new family member

Most recently, four puppies were left on the beach. Ana Banana was dragging her back legs, and without thinking much about it, with a friend, we picked her up and took her to the vet. They said she was not well. When I was asked “Are you putting her back on the street?” - that’s how we became four, along with Isadora and Viola – my other rescues dogs. It’s always at my lowest that a new puppy arrives, the giving – if we can call it – that is always unintended.

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Happy #GivingTuesdayIndia! The day has started with events from across India. More than Rs 4 million matching funds pledged for danaMATCH #GivingTuesdayIndia 2018. Goonj collection buses are on the roads across Mumbai collecting donations. Edufun Foundation who collected 1000+ pairs of shoes and clothes every Tuesday, will distribute them among needy familes from 1 to 5 pm. Choose from more than 8,700 NGOs for your celebration of giving. #MyGivingStoryIndia started on September 15. Submit your giving story and nominate an NGO for donation prize.  

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My Giving Story - Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala
By Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala
We make a living by what we get, but we get a life by what we give! Giving is a habit.
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We make a living by what we get, but we get a life by what we give! Giving is a habit. It enriches you, enables you to empower others to achieve their dreams. I live in the hope that the ones I help today will go on and help another generation tomorrow. I draw my inspiration from normal people who have chosen to rise above their regular routines and make a difference. At my maiden charity camp at Sumerpur in Rajasthan in 2008, I walk into a basic and very clean hospital at the invitation of Rajmaljee Jain. A man who rose from being a cloth trader to the status of a Demigod. In his lifespan, he built an eye hospital, a 200+ bedded general hospital, an ICSE school and college for people of this area. He showed me around with passion and dedication mentioning every minute detail. What amazed me was that in the rural hinterland of India stood an eye hospital which catered to ophthalmology students from across the world and treated the rich and poor alike. No special preferences were given; whether they were paying or non-paying, all got treated! Millions have had eye surgeries there at zero cost. He self-funded these projects and hence was not dependent on anybody. When I last saw him, he wanted to build an old people’s home to give dignity and a home to lonely old people. Sadly, he is no more but I have taken it upon myself to build his dream. He was my inspiration to keep helping all selflessly and I continue the annual charity surgery camp till date, in its 10th year now. Salim Khan, the Bollywood superstar's father. He has taught me how you can reach out to the poor & needy without requiring infrastructure. If you want to help, it’s the thought and actions that will carve the path. I think the ideology & inspiration behind Being Human Charity comes from the patriarch of the family. Salim uncle conducts an OPD of sorts on the walkway at Bandstand in Bandra and countless have benefitted from his actions.
My Giving Story - Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala
By Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala
Nominated NGO: Centre for Obesity & Diabetes Support
Taking small steps to make little changes for creating big difference
By Vinnie Jain
I was only 7 when on my way back home from a nearby park in my locality, I came across two rag-picki
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I was only 7 when on my way back home from a nearby park in my locality, I came across two rag-picking siblings. On seeing them undressed, I brought them home and asked my mother to give away few of my clothes to them. This was my very first encounter with the underprivileged children (more or less my age) that invoked the feeling of giving. For the two consecutive years, I voluntarily raised funds for cancer patients. At the age of 9, I was sent to a boarding school in Dehradun which was in the outskirts of the city. This was an added advantage since our school encouraged us to participate in various volunteering initiatives. This opened up a lot of opportunities to not only work towards environmental conservation but teaching children in the nearby village. During my childhood, whenever we travelled by train, my mother would often suggest to keep few unworn clothes in a handbag, so we could donate them to the beggars or cleaners who boarded it between the stops. As time went by, it was difficult for me to keep up with volunteering activities due to boards and lack of access but this wasn't over for me. In my first job, I ensured participation in CSR initiatives wherein we taught the underprivileged children in an Anganwadi to create music through waste materials. For three consecutive years, while others went home for Diwali, I chose to visit a slum with sweets and chocolates for the underprivileged. During my masters, while I got the opportunity to volunteer for two weeks in Delhi, but while studying in Pune, on my random visits to the city, I would often feed abandoned children and old ladies. I have always felt that one can never climb into their skin and know what they’re going through. Today, after having worked with some top-notch clients and gaining substantial experience, it was time to pursue what I am truly passionate about and thus, made a conscious effort to switch to social sector. While I continue to put my skills to good use, I currently volunteer with multiple known NGOs and foundations that involve teaching the kids in shelter homes, people in need of professional help for mental health, and organizing small-scale activities and events for the underprivileged communities. From past two years, I have also made it a point to make a small contribution to feed the deprived on my birthday. I am happy to share that recently, I became a registered blood, eye and stem cell donor which is only a small act to provide someone with a second chance at life. The only intention to share my story here is to motivate more and more people to change their mindset and come forward to make a difference in any form, for there is no "perfect" time or age to make this world a better place.
Taking small steps to make little changes for creating big difference
By Vinnie Jain
Nominated NGO: White Swan Foundation
Nominated NGO: White Swan Foundation
By Pradeep Mukherjee
For many years I have been supporting an orphanage and contributed regularly to CRY.
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For many years I have been supporting an orphanage and contributed regularly to CRY. While in both cases, one received news of how the institutions were making an impact, my own association was from a distance; writing out annual contributions but nothing more than that. About a decade ago, I volunteered to spend some time with SNEHA and the association transitioned from being a volunteer to an advisor to a member on the board of trustees. My giving to SNEHA has really been of an advisory nature around organizational and people aspects, answering questions that the leaders may have, coaching some of the people, asking questions at trustee meetings to better understand what they do and probably making suggestions which may make no sense but receive a nod of heads because the people are too nice to counter a trustee. What I have received in return though is immense. I have personally witnessed the passion in people at SNEHA to make a difference despite facing a number of hardships like working in the urban slums of Mumbai come rain or sun shine, dealing with different kind of communities with their own dynamics, dealing with government health systems while being focused on making an impact on health of women and children in these communities measured by metrics. I have seen and witnessed empathy in action, coupled with strong impact orientation. I have also seen how this organization has grown thanks to the wonderful people who lead it and work in it, ably guided by the founding ‘mothers’ who have made SNEHA the institution it is today. My simple point to all who are reading this is, when you give by being involved with the work and the people who are working for social causes, you get a lot in return and the giving is a lot more meaningful for all concerned. Happy Dann Utsav Celebration If you would like to donate to SNEHA click on
By Pradeep Mukherjee
Nominated NGO: SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action)


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Feel the joy of giving' by Aman Shahpuri

A very special song put together for #DaanUtsav & #GivingTuesdayIndia by Aman Shahpuri. We challenge you all to do an act of giving, however small - & challenge your friends to do the same.

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