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Serve the ones who serve you, with love!

Act 10 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!Serve the ones who serve you, with love!“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” Mother Teresa.Have a heart of gold. Serve a steaming cup of tea or a hot meal to that one person who is the most over-worked yet the most neglected. If you open your eyes and look around you, you will find this person.

Cook a meal or do a chore for a neighbour who needs help.

Act 9 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!Cook a meal or do a chore for a neighbour who needs help.Kindness is as contagious as a smile, and it begins at home. Why not try to do both today? In these stressful times, let us spread sunshine, hope and happiness by being mindful of the people around us.Help out a neighbour in need by doing a kind deed. Cook meals for an unwell neighbour or get essentials for an elderly or help out someone in distress by attempting to solving their problem or just providing a listening ear.

Teach a fun skill and raise funds!

Act 8 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!It’s been a popular tradition to have some fun on April Fool’s Day by engaging in unusual, fun activities. Today can be your chance to induce some fun among your friends and spread joy around you. Invite your friends to learn a skill from you via a Google hangouts or Zoom session. You could teach them to play a musical instrument, cook, bake or simply dance, by charging a small fee. Collate the amount to raise funds for a Covid 19 cause near you.

Help Daily Wage Earners hit by Coronavirus

Many people who helped us in normal times are struggling today to pay bills. These include daily wage earners like rickshaw and taxi drivers, mall workers, maids, street vendors and others in the unorganized sector. CORO, a 30-year old NGO, works with these communities in Mumbai. They will distribute food packages, masks, sanitizers and soap to people who have been hit by the short-term closure of businesses. The amount needed is much larger and the Government will help eventually. But in the meanwhile. Let's help some of these people today.

Make a phone call to an elderly person or an old age home to check how they are managing their daily needs.

Act 6 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!Old age is second childhood. In that sense, we need to reach out to our elderly as much as we need to reach out to our children in these difficult times. They need to be nurtured, listened to and provided with a same sense of belongingness and community, as do your own young children.So pick up your phone and call up an elderly family member, a neighbour or someone in an old age home, and speak to them companionably.

Set up a time to teach a helper's child daily via WhatsApp call or phone call.

Act 5 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!It’s true that your house-helpers are your best support system. They walk long distances and work odd hours to keep your homes up and running. This lockdown must’ve made you realise more than ever before, that without them, your world will crumble.

Donate for food supplies to needy families.

Act 4 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!According to a BBC report, India's daily wage earners feel that hunger may kill them before the coronavirus does. Uncertain of their fate, millions fear they will soon run out of their already meagre food supplies. As Mother Teresa said, “If you can't feed a hundred people,then feed just one.”Make today, March 28, a day when you can stop the fears of at least one labourer from becoming a reality. Those who give are more blessed than the ones who receive.


India is a part of the biggest generosity movement in the world called #GivingTuesday! You can express your generosity by donating to trusted NGOs! Today is a great day to share your #MyGivingStory! Look up our Random Acts of Kindness section for ideas to express kindness wherever you are! | "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Share your giving story with us and inspire the world with your act of kindness. Participate in #MyGivingStory, a global giving story challenge which is currently on in many countries across the globe. Submit your story at bit.ly/mygivingstoryindia to earn votes, and win prizes of up to Rs.100,000 for your favourite NGOs. There are prizes of Rupee1 per vote for the first 50,000 votes, early bird prizes and much more. Submit your story. Hurry up! #MyGivingStoryIndia #GivingTuesdayIndia | 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome! Day 1: Make a call to your helpers to check if they and their family members are keeping good health and have food supplies. Day 2:Transfer wages to your maids, helpers and drivers for the month of March, and ideally for April too! Give a call and let them know that the money would be in their bank account. Day 3: Take up a household chore at home. Make a fun selfie, get friends to like and Donate Rs10 per like for a COVID19 donation campaign. Day 4: Donate for food supplies to needy families. Day 5: Set up a time to teach a helper’s child daily via WhatsApp or phone call. Day 6: Make a phone call to an elderly person or an old age home to check how they are managing with their daily needs. Day 7: Donate to support daily wage workers! Day 8: Offer to teach a skill to friends via a video call - teach guitar, dancing, cooking, yoga, etc. Collect a fee to donate for the COVID-19 affected. Day 9: Cook a meal or do a chore for a neighbour who needs help. Day 10: Serve the ones who serve you, with love! Day 11: Call up an orphanage and offer to do a story telling or art or yoga or Math/ English session for the kids via video call. Day 12: Lend your ear – call a colleague and ask how they are finding the change in routine. To receive your daily act of kindness on your phone, WhatsApp your name to https://wa.me/918356832329 #CoronaKindness #GivingTuesdayIndia My Giving for #MyBetterBharat
170 million+

#GivingTuesdayIndia helps millions of everyday givers make contributions that add up to make a big impact when they all give to their preferred causes at the same time! This number indicates funds raised through specific #GivingTuesdayIndia campaigns conducted since launch in 2017 by platforms, corporate & NGOs. Figures for 2019 are still coming in. Actuals would be higher as all givers do not report numbers.


Verified by GuideStar India, these NGOs serve causes ranging from education and healthcare to women’s empowerment, livelihoods, disability to art, advocacy & animal welfare across India. Give with confidence to NGOs dispalying GuideStar India Platinum/ Gold Seals.

1.2 million+

Over 1.2 million people engaged in various acts of giving thru #GivingTuesdayIndia campaigns and messages, since India joined the global movement in 2017.  In 2019 alone, we reached over 14 million people.

Donate to a Cause close to your heart

Donate to high need Causes

Donate to protect the elderly from deadly Coronavirus!
Protect the Elderly from Coronavirus. Donate masks, handwash and soaps.

At 11 March media briefing, The WHO Director-General said: "WHO has been assessing this outbreak...

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Help us provide Habitat Hygiene Kits to the underprivileged to fight...
Habitat for Humanity  
Fight Against COVID 19 with Handwash Campaign with Habitat for Humanity

Since 1983, Habitat for Humanity India has supported 33 million people in India to build or...

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Provide 4 meals a day for the Quarantined People
Annamrita Foundation  
Help Annamrita Foundation Provide Meals To the Quarantined People

During these challenging times of COVID 19 pandemic, we Annamrita Foundation have been appointed...

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Donate to GuideStar India Certified NGOs

Transparency Key
Support a daily wage earner's family for a WEEK during this CORONA VIRUS lockdown

SUPPORT CORONA VIRUS AFFECTED: Direct Bank transfer of Rs. 500/- per family of daily wage...

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Platinum Certified
Ration Kits support for communities of Ahmedabad

Amidst the pandemic of Corona virus, there is lack of awareness, accurate factual information...

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Transparency Key
Help us give food & sanitation kit to daily wage workers in...
Help us give food & sanitation kit to daily wage workers in corona virus crisis

100% of your contribution goes towards the cause. The problem Directly support individuals...

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By B.Senthamilselvi

I am sure that you must be aware of the challenges and obstacles faced by children and persons...

Support for Water & Sanitation for rural...
By Pradeep Mohapatra

About the Organization: Two decades together with community, UDYAMA (...

Nominated NGO: UDYAMA
Connecting Community to Green Energy to minimize...
By Pradeep Mohapatra

About the Organization: Two decades together with community, UDYAMA (...

Nominated NGO: UDYAMA

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Act 12 of 21 #CoronaKindness Acts for 21 Days of #StayAtHome!

Care in the Time of Corona!

Lately, our homes have become our offices. Our colleagues, who were our main source of interaction and our pillars of support during stressful work situations, are now working remotely. For many, the initial excitement of working from home may now be wearing out. In fact, it can be daunting to realize that it is not so easy to maintain the same level of productivity and creativity, working away from vital support systems. Working remotely can present many challenges especially for those whose work involves face-to-face discussions every day in order to arrive at the right choices. Not being able to garner such support can become overwhelming and distressing for them.

So, after a long week of working alone, battling to meet targets, number...

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