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hello sir my name is anupam srivastava i am a resident of basti district of uttar pradesh from india. My family consists of my wife and 2 children. There is one boy and one girl. .I have my own small wedding card printing business. .My business was not doing very well but it was enough that I used to feed my family and children used to get education.

But from June of 2019 my situation worsened. I went to a neighbor's house in front of my house. There was a fire in the lpg cylinder in his house, I went there for help, it was a while that the cylinder exploded in which I got badly burnt, my hands got burnt all over my face. The neighbor whose house this accident happened, 3 people of the house died. .I survived but was badly injured. It took me 7 months to recover and my financial condition got very bad during the treatment. Due to my illness, I could not do the work I used to do and the financial condition got very bad. .Take some loan also from the one you know. When I was completely cured, it came to know that due to burns, the nerves in my hand have deteriorated slightly, due to which my hands and wrists did not have that much strength and the tingling in the hands remains constant. The doctor said that the operation is not very successful on its treatment. take medicine and exercise hands. .2020 In the beginning of March I aplly applied for the loan which I got 150000 to install the machine (for the work I used to print wedding cards I thought to install the machine because the hands did not work continuously well) I used the machine Ordered advance given machine till covid 19 came and came in the same wedding season when my work was going on. .lockdown took 90 days. My work was completely stopped, the money which was left for the loan was also ended for the machine. When the lockdown ended, the wedding season and the school and college were all closed. My business used to run even from school, college, it remained closed. The loan taken to get the machine also went to run the family and online education of the children. .Money did not come from anywhere, it was only spent. Now neither the machine was able to take nor the business was able to move, somehow something had started according to the rules of covid19, then in April 2021, the lockdowon again took place. .My financial condition got very bad. Started harassing for the loan emi. .And the business again got completely closed due to the lockdowon in the marriage season and due to the closure of the school college. .Now my situation is such that everything started again but my business was closed due to lack of capital and I am troubled by debt apart from not being able to work properly with my hands. .. .The expenses of the house are being run in some way and 2 children are not even able to study properly. I am unable to pay the fees. My wife somehow manages the house by teaching coaching to young children. If the house runs somehow, then you do not know to pay the fees of the children. I have more people, no, mother is not in this world anymore. There is a father who left me with my grandparents in my childhood and got married again. After killing the grandparents, my father also sold the little land and house that was there. .He also never helped financially. .I request all of you with folded hands to help me for the education of my children and help me for the capital I spend in my business. .Loan people worry a lot for emi. .Help me to rebuild my financial condition and my business once again.

Plz help me 

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Capital for business for good education of children
By Anupam srivastava
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