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     My name is Phoolam Devi. I am 75 years old, I have two sons and three daughters, whom I have married now. I live alone. My two sons live in Delhi. I have no means of earning. I live alone now. I am also old and I do not work, my health is also bad and I do not have any means to even spend the house, I have a small broken room in which I passed in this harsh winter. I am not even able to handle whether I am alive or dead. My two sons are greedy and arrogant. Whenever they say that they sell this plot, give me the money, what will you do now? A few days ago my younger son came and took the money between my plot and seeing my condition, Maken owner came to TRS and he told me to stay there, now I have no roof to live, no bread to eat, and no wear Now I am living with God

Hello friends my name is Deepak Kumar and I live in their neighborhood. I am helping these destitute family and request all of you to support some amount of their help so that their old age can be cut off from God. Fulfill wish
                       Thank you

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