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  As the covid-19 crisis looms over us, the Indian government has fought fiercely by directing a lockout throughout the country.  In this great time of need, the Adarsh ​​Kalyan Seva Samiti, in coordination with the state government and district administration, has given thousands of workers of the state of Uttar Pradesh where their employment is currently lost, to those workers or to a person from the workers' family,  Following all the safety and hygiene measures, they have stepped up to provide relief by giving them skills training.  Adarsh ​​NGO has started its service of providing skills training to the marginalized and low income people of the society by including daily wage earners, migrant laborers, construction site workers and needy people in the districts of Uttar Pradesh.  And with this, 10 + 2 children of migrant laborers are being given free education. Please donate to Adarsh ​​NGO.

Giving Money
Skill training & education for migrant laborers
By Raj kumar
Nominated NGO: Giving Tuesday india