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Ensuring basic education of 4792 no. of (3 to 14 Yrs ) tribal childrens including childrens from Primtive tribe groups with special focus on dropout and never enrooled childrens in Harichandanpur block of Keonjhar ,Odisha a process has started in 52 no. of Schools . The most challenging factor is basic education to the childrens Peoples least priority , schools are not functional ,language problem of the childrens , cooperation from line departments very ignorable and in another side poverty of the Guardians . In these constraints process has started activating school management committee members , teachers , Guardian Counselling ,drawing cooperation from line departments and in the meantime COVID-19 pandemic situation is aggravating day by day .Schools are closed from 24th March continue indefinite period. Children are in the home with psychological pressure . Govt is has started digital learning through Whatsapp, TV which is meaningless for them , as a very few have smart phones and in another side net-work and power supply great problem . In this situation Community Based Leaning Centre has started 7no. with due permission from Panchayatraj functionaries and Guardians , where 156 no. childrens are getting education doing lot of activities, art, drawing, reading, writing , singing similar others with maintianing social distance which will check rate dropout and give inspiration to go school when it will open . Above all the scenario we are searching to overcome the issue of on line eucation and providing basic facilities on education and health kit s etc ……………..


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Ensuring education to Primitive tribe children's