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Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society has been working in Sunderbans over last 13 years and this area is one of source point for human trafficking. Both North and South 24 Parganas in West Bengal is highly vulnerable in terms of human trafficking. More than 10,000 children, adolescents and women go missing every year by mean of human trafficking, while the rescue rate is even less than 10% of the total cases. Hinglaganj and Hasnabad are bordering with Bangladesh and there are open borders divided by Ichhamoti river. Trafficking rackets are very much active in these areas.

In course of the field programme intervention, the team of Swapnopuron has come in contact with 13 such survivors of human trafficking who have been rescued almost two years back. But life after rescue has become more challenging for them to stay back in the communities as they face abusive comments from the neighbours as well as from their peers. These survivors include school going adolescent girls, female young adults and married women as well. The life of these survivors has become miserable after being rescued and many a times they do not have enough food to survive.

Swapnopuron has decided to support these 13 survivors with some dry ration through which they can run their families, however such support is required for another 3 months, till the time they are engaged in some sort of livelihood opportunities to survive of their own.

This is an appeal from Swapnopuron to all of you for extending support to these survivors so that such support can be provided to them for survival and overcoming the situation.

Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking to Overcome the Life Challenges
By Satarupa Majumder
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