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Have you ever babysat your younger siblings? Those little monsters that always sneak behind your back and reveal things to your parents? Annoying aren’t they? All the elder siblings relate to these problems, but no matter how annoying they are we know that they love us, and we may not show it but we love them too. All those times your parents went out, saying, “Don’t kill each other!! While we are not around.” fun memories right? But imagine what would happen if your parents got stuck, and weren’t able to come back? You would be the sole person responsible for the life your younger brother/sister. What a dreadful thought!

Something exactly like this happened with a student of ours who is just thirteen years old. Can you remember knowing how to cook at thirteen? If you do amazing and if you don’t, it’s okay because you probably won’t be stuck in a situation like this kid. The parent left him and his two younger brothers at home and left for a village for sugarcane harvesting. They had told the neighbors to take care of the kids, said they’ll be back in a day, but this story wouldn’t interesting if they did now would it?, so you may have guessed it right the lockdown was announced and the parents got stuck in the village. This left the boy to look after his two younger brothers. He cooks, cleans, studies and helps them study too.

Hope is a thing that you hold on to in order to survive a rough patch in life. For some of us it’s the handle of the roller coaster’s seat. And for some, like this boy it is the feeling that their family will reunite, and he as the eldest member of the family here will keep all of them safe and sound, for his parents it’s the faith in their son. Him and his capabilities.  

Have faith in someone, let that someone be your hope.

By Vedika Desai