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I am sure that you must be aware of the challenges and obstacles faced by children and persons with Autism spectrum disorder and mental retardation as well as their family. Though a lot of effort and rehabilitation services were provided by many government and non-government organizations still a lot has to be done. We are Rajammal trust for special children, an NGO working for the rehabilitation and vocational education services to the differently-abled persons. Our NGO has run this Special school to cater to rehabilitation and vocational training services to these children.Kumaran special school started in 2002, caters a wide range of rehabilitation services to the mentally challenged children. Our vision is to Focus on their ability. In our school 40 to 45 special children per year have been getting training in rehabilitation and special education services, our team of staffs constitute of four qualified professional staffs, two assistance teachers, one shadow teacher (art and craft), two helpers, one van driver, totally we have 10 staff members.We request your support in terms of monetary or non-monetary contributions which can help us rehabilitate, educate and provide vocational training and job opportunities to the differently-abled children who are presently living in and around northern Chennai suburban and villages and fishing hamlets.You are hereby requested to contribute lavishly for the noble cause.

By B.Senthamilselvi