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ABOUT THE EVENTWAIA “MARATHON- RUN FOR A CAUSE” is an initiative to instigate the spirit of togetherness&unity which is reflected in our motto “Run Together Stand United” through an enduring sporting activity like RUN on the festive occasion of the last Sunday of the year to bid good bye to the previous year. It is also to say good bye to all negative incidents back year & to cherish the good things that happened. To welcome the New Year with new resolutions in life.A RUN to achieve new goals a good CAUSE…YOUR CAUSE can be – to promote unity & brotherhood , to promote education, to help those in need, freedom from drugs, to stand with oppressed. Its your RUN your CAUSE.Last year in 2018 WAIA organized its third consecutive marathon on 30th Dec , which was even much more impressive then its previous two. Participants have joined this run from all over Kolkata &suburbs & other districts as well, where we saw more than 900 participants of all age group & everysection of the society. This event being organized by an NGO ,finds support from many corporate , media houses & celebrities. We aim to gather support for our year long social activities through this run.