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Mr. Prem Prakash(Fictitious name) because of Identity disclosure issue Mr. Prem Prakash is our client here we treat HIV patient as our client in place of beneficiary or Patient and always use client in place of patient He joined us in the days of our establishment and with the continuous interaction with the community and HIV people he had improves his thought about life with HIV. At times, he presented himself as a community leader to many listeners, community members and hopeless HIV-infected people, helping to raise community morale and spread life's positivity among listeners. Mr. Prem Prakash had faces many challenges which every layman is faces in his daily life. Such as limited resources, poverty, only earning person of family, children school fess any many other, but he neglected all these issues and always focuses the positive way of life. But one day when Mr. Prem Prakash visited to their ART center for regular medicine and checkup where the doctor tell him that his Virus count is increased due to which his weight is losing down and also the need to shifted to high drug dose otherwise his life is in danger, Therefore, Mr. Premprakash followed the guidance of the doctor and continued his treatment but gradually his immunity was falling down. Due to which he was also facing challenges in doing day to day activities and after some time he completely lay in bed and because he was the only earning member of the family. so at this stage the financial condition of family had reach to very poor condition his wife started working in Khotis as a maid, his daughter leaves school and helping her mother in her odd jobs,and here, Mr. Prem Prakash's condition was getting worse day after day, after which he described the whole situation to us and asked for some help. So our team especially the Peer Counselor, with our well wishers who supported us at that difficult point and donated a packet of about 15-20 kilograms of groceries items and not only the groceries but they also gave some money to Mr. Prem Prakash for his medical cost.and got their daughter enrolled in government school and gave her school dress, Stationery items and some money for day to day pocket expenses.The story did not end here, but at the beginning of every month, our well-wisher "The Art of Living Group" joined us for 8 months giving groceries and money to this family and with this support, Mr. Prem Prakash is out from the position of death and now he is working again. He is currently working as a security guard in an IT company. His daughter completed her primary school and also she secured the first position in the whole school, and his wife is doing the job as his kothi for the support of his family and future contingencies. And they are living their life happily

Umeed " never ending struggle of life"
By Uttarakhand Association for Positive People Living with HIV/AIDS