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One Sunny day as I was walking in dusty road with Faster steps my legs moved slowly by seeing a little girl Jikriyabanu of 5 years moving around is a lane. Her movements were not usual. Her hands were her legs. She looked like a rabbit moving around with cheerful face and hope in her eyes. I approached her and asked about her where abouts. She fluently spoke in Kannada and took me to her house. She introduced me her father and I began conversing with him about Jikriya’s condition. He explained his efforts of taking her to different doctors but nothing could work out without money. Due to his poverty, he was unable to do the surgery of his daughter. At this moment, I told him about Roshni trust, which conducts early intervention activities, supports for surgeries and distributes aids and apliances. I brought him to roshni and this visit really brought light in his life. Roshni agreed to support Jikriya free of cost. I Passionately volunteered to support this child. I accompanied her to Bangalore for screening and surgery. I experienced inner peace and joy as I found a sigh of relief on the face of her father. After the surgery Roshni did the follow up. One fined day, I visited her house and found Jikriya keeping her little steps with lot of joy and hope. Tears rolled my down my eyes as she and her father came to me with great full heart. I whispered my thanks to Roshni for giving me such joy by being a volunteer .

Ray of Hope
By Shivabasvangouda Pateel
Nominated NGO: Roshni Trust