Making a difference in the life of the differently abled | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Making a difference in the life of the differently abled

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Spark change in the life of persons with disability

The official number of persons with disability declared by the government of India is 3 percent.

The bitter truth remains that parents and society do not feel the need to spend/invest on children with disability. They believe that these children have no potentialities and cannot give back to society in any way. They instead spend all their energy on their normal children.
This is also the reason why many philanthropists do not come forward to support such children.

Mumbra is a densely populated town with a population of 10 lac plus on the outskirts of Mumbai with around 30,000 people who are a victim of disability.
Given this mentality that prevails in society, it becomes very difficult to run our free 'Ummeed the Hope Special School'. In a crowd of 30,000 persons with disability, we are able to reach only 500-600 people which is a very low number. Moreover, due to limited spacing, we are able to accommodate only 130 students despite having over 200 plus admissions.

The school is a small part of their lives that caters to their educational needs. It also supports them with documentation work, physiotherapy needs, nutrition, vocational training etc. They have many more requirements but none to fulfill them. These persons with disability require the support of people like you and us.

Support them for:

Spacious premises
Betterment of education
Nutrition requirements
Physiotherapy needs
Medical aid
Vocational training
CCTV Camera
VI (Visually Impaired) Study Center with Computers and furniture

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019 to Saturday, October 31, 2020
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