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To help Educate and make the dreams of such girls and their families come true.

Vijaya had scored 85% in HSC exams and has secured Distinction again in FYB.Com. Having cleared her Common Proficiency Test (CPT) for Chartered Accountancy, she is simultaneously preparing for Second Level of Integrated Professional Competency Course (IPCC). A decade ago, this kind of  achievement was a distant dream for Vijaya and her brother Anil, which IAPA took the opportunity of converting into reality ! Staying in one of the chawls in Walkeshwar area, the entry to their rental house is a narrow opening that could easily be missed out. It leads to a tiny room in which they stay with their mother, alcoholic father,  grandparents and paternal aunt. Hence, studying beneath a street lamp had become a way of life for them. Their father’s addiction had made him a dependent like the others. As a result, the children were silent witnesses to their mother’s struggles, as she rushed from one household to the other as a domestic help and was the sole bread-earner in the family. Since foregoing her mother’s wages was not an option, Vijaya would often miss school to go as a substitute at her mother’s workplaces, whenever her mother was unwell.  By the time she was in 5th Std. Vijaya and her brother were referred for Sponsorship help by the school, as they were found to be smart and highly motivated. Yet, when a debilitating spine injury struck Vijaya’s mother forcing her to stop working, the family wanted Vijaya to drop out of school. At that time intensive counselling, combined with financial support and offer of viable alternatives, made it possible for Vijaya to  continue studying in school. Their paternal aunt was encouraged to join tailoring classes under our vocational program. Her latent skills were given wings after she started taking up tailoring jobs from home; and this enabled her to take on the role of the contributing member in the family. There was ease in the atmosphere at home. She alongwith other family members, could persuade Vijaya’s father to start attending Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). Although he is still fighting his addiction, his association with others in a similar situation is providing the much needed moral support to overcome his problem. Vijaya who had continued to forge ahead inspite of these difficulties, is at last reaching closer to her goals. Varied supports were provided at different junctures; including assistance in college and coaching class fees that were solicited through networking with other agencies. There are many girls like Vijaya under our various projects who want to dream big despite their turbulent family circumstances ; with hand-holding done at the right time. While we continue to offer quality and timely assistance to them, funding their academic, medical and other needs is an uphill task. We seek the support of donors like you, to help make the dreams of such girls and their families come true !! You can donate to us with a minimum donation amount of Rs.5000/- vide cheque drawn in the name of “Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare”, with a letter/email stating your donation and PAN No. NEFT payment is also possible for which we could share our bank details on receipt of your email on “iapacw1970@gmail.com”. We eagerly look forward to your support !!.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 to Saturday, November 14, 2020
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