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Help Thinksharp to set up home school at Gorhe Budruk, Pune

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Home schooling for rural children - Need of the hour
  • Why do we need home-schooling?

COVID-19, has affected the globe in every way possible. We humans are taking every possible measure to survive during this pandemic. Unfortunately, some of us have lost our loved ones along the way. But as we know life never stops. Carrying those sacred memories, we humans move on and work harder to live a better life after passing all the troubles we face.However, is that possible for everyone? Each of us have our own method of surviving through this phase but the rural children in our nation are stuck in this vicious spiral. Apart from battling the pandemic the long break from education that they have been on may restrict them from rejoining their school due to various reasons. These obstacles don’t just lead to poor quality of education, but also contribute to high dropout rates in rural schools - nearly 50 percent by the age of fourteen. The real struggle for them starts after the pandemic when they have their whole life ahead of them.As a viable solution we turn towards digital education, but the inadequate circumstances make it impossible in rural areas of India. Most of the rural children do not have a computer, laptop, or a tablet in order to connect to their teachers or any other webinars, seminars, online classes etc. Even if they start school, it is going to be very difficult for teachers and students to be on top of finishing the academic syllabus in an effective manner.

  • What will be provided in home school project to rural school ?

Thinksharp Foundation (TSF) has planned to implement a home-schooling model, starting with Z.P. School, Gorhe Budruk village, Haveli, Pune. Under this project TSF will provide educational tablets to all 70 children from grades 4 to 7 of this school. These tablets will help them connect with their teachers to attend online classes and will also have a library of 1200 books to read along with other educational apps. This will allow them to study online and offline.First Pilot of home school by Z.P School Ghore Budruk. One of the teachers of this school, Mr. Rajnikant Mendhe (Know more about him - ) is trying best to connect children through Zoom, but the pilot project of online classes could not be continued as most of the children did not have a suitable device in order to move forward. He stresses on the element of urgency in this situation as students in the village are on the verge of abandoning their education.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020
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