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Let them learn not earn

Hasan, is without doubt a rising star. He lives with his parents and younger sister in one of the sprawling urban slums of Gurugram. He is an alert and attentive boy and his curious and eager temperament make the class more interesting. He and his family migrated from the outskirts of Bengal to the Saraswati Kunj slums of Gurugram, three years ago. When the Sukarya team first saw him, he was sifting materials from a heap of garbage. When they asked him if he wanted to study in their school, his answer surprised them. He quizzed, “Ma'am will you charge?” When we said no, it was a free service, he replied promptly, “In that case, I will study in your school and I will return the favour by teaching you Bengali”.  The team had never met a child like this who was so self respecting. Indeed, he did end up teaching several of the team members basic Bengali. Hasan is now a popular student of EOW. After learning not only the basics of elementary education but also character building lessons, a significant change was noticed in the nature of his deeds. We were very delighted to hear his words, “Ma’am I know I pick rags, so when I come to class, I change my clothes and come. My class is like a temple for me”. The boy, full of and dreams and zest is not only studying to improve his life but playing the role of an agent of social change and motivating others to study.

Education is a dream for millions of children who struggle to survive daily. Education on Wheels is a unique programme that uses a bus equipped with teaching aids to visit children in the slums to educate them. The project aims to educate children whose parents have no choice but to leave them to fend for themselves during the day while they are away earning for the family. It is designed to enable non-school going children to acquire minimum knowledge and skills and mainstreaming them in formal schools.

The motto of EOW is to provide accessible, affordable and efficient education services to marginalised communities and go the extra mile in reaching the unreached.

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30-Sep-2020 to 31-Jan-2021