Do a random act of kindness | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Do a random act of kindness

While several parents are debating the decision of schools to conduct online classes, the impact of increased screen-time on children’s health and whether schools should charge normal fees, several needy kids are eagerly waiting for their smartphone/ tablet and internet pack so that they can continue studies now and post COVID-19. Some are worried that they may have to drop out from school as they need to support parents who have lost jobs. The remote classes are their only hope to continue learning or make up for missed classes. Their teachers are doing fundraisers to equip their students with devices, in addition to working on lesson plans for a virtual classroom. They also worry about their students having to study in a small noisy room, which means headphones or ear-pods would be a must. They are also working to make offline content available.


If you are planning to buy the next smartest phone and looking for great deals, remember a child will eagerly welcome your pre-loved smartphone/ tablet. Bundle it with an internet pack and a good set of headphones or ear-pods. And do remember to put a little card with a message!

Don’t have a smartphone to give away? You could of course make a small donation to our trusted NGOs and they will take care of the rest.

The need is urgent. The need is real. 


Give to GuideStar India Transparency Key Certified NGOs:


Aseema Charitable Trust


Thinksharp Foundation