Do a random act of kindness | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Do a random act of kindness

You can make Valentine's Day super special by doing some of these activities all by yourself, or with your loved ones, family members or with friends or colleagues!

1. Share your food with the hungry. While you plan for a cosy meal, how about making or buying more to share with hungry people you see on the street. Making sandwiches or bhel or biryani could be fun when done with loved ones or friends. Wouldn't it give you greater joy when you see smiles on the faces of the hungry who did not expect the meal.

2. Plant a friendly gift. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your gift of love grow to make the planet greener? Buy a plant from the local nursery and nurture it with love.

3. Donate to a cause of your loved one's choice. Nothing could be more endearing than this! Have you discussed with your love, a cause close to their heart? Learn more about the cause, and explore how you could combine your giving to make a difference. Pledge to give a bit every week and see your pot of giving-together grow, and discover the joy of doing good!

4. Ride together to spend time at a children's home. Isn’t this a great idea to take a bicycle ride to a children's home and do your bit for a healthier, cleaner and caring world?


Pick what you like to do, share these ideas with your loved ones, friends and colleagues, and enjoy the Valentine's weekend!


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