EveryTuesday | #GivingTuesdayIndia


Harvest festivals are about thanking nature for the bounty it offers in the form of crops. It's about welcoming the change of season, enjoying the sunshine with colourful rangoli, kolams, kites and costumes, with song and dance to rhythmic beats. It's all about celebrating with the community.So, whether you are celebrating Pongal, Bihu, Lohri, Makara Sankranti, Poush Sankranti, Uttarayan or a harvest festival by another name...do share nature's bounty with people around you! Share food with the hungry all of this week. Carry an extra lunch box daily for the next seven days and offer to the first hungry person you see!#EveryTuesday#GivingTuesdayIndiaMy Giving for #MyBetterBharat#MakaraSankranthi