Do a random act of kindness | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Do a random act of kindness

Let your love linger on, with gifts that double happiness!

As the Valentine month is drawing to a close, pick gifts that will continue to remind your loved one about the careful choices you make! Be it masks or perfumes, lights or linen, chocolates or paintings, buy them from NGOs whose members made these with a lot of love and care. 

Your purchase would help a young girl pursue her dream,  a single mother pay for her child’s education, a disabled artist become independent! Whenever you reach out to delight your loved one with expressions of your love, look for gifts that convey your compassion and thoughtfulness. Learn and share stories of the hands that made your gift. Read up or speak with the NGO to get to know about the people who make these products, their unique skills, their daily routine, what they learn while they earn, what it does to their lives, and their confidence!  Your presents picked with so much thought, are sure to bring a smile to your loved one, every time they use the present! And, you could feel happier that your action also made someone’s life at least a wee bit better!

To buy online, amazing products made by the disabled, visit our collaborator Atypical Advantage’s store:

To connect with NGOs for products made by communities they serve, visit: 

(select the item you wish to buy and browse through organisations that sell them, click on the org name to connect with them.)

To learn about giving thoughtfully, visit: