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Do a random act of kindness

Have you wondered what causes young kids to hang around at railway stations? There are many children across India who run away from home for trivial reasons. Several children who are abandoned by their guardians and several go missing mysteriously. These children feel totally helpless when they come face to face with the overwhelming railway network. This Tuesday let your random act of kindness help reunite these railway children with their families.

Bhibhu (age 14) ran away from home after his parents got into a fight and sought help from a friend who promised to help find his mother. His friend abandoned him halfway. Alone and scared, he was found at the Ghaziabad railway station by the team of Railway Children India, a GuideStar India Transparency Key certified NGO.

He was taken to a shelter home for safekeeping but, poor Bhibhu completely scared out of his wits with this terrifying ordeal couldn't even speak to anyone. Not even the very people who were trying to help him. With Bhibhu unable to communicate it was impossible to locate his family.

But the team at Railway Children India was undeterred. Through repeated counseling sessions with a speech therapist, Bhibhu was slowly and surely getting his confidence back! He was finally able to speak, exercise his facial muscles, and show emotions and give some details about the whereabouts of his family!

After 6 long and lonely months, Bhibhu finally spoke to his overjoyed parents who got back their son! But they still remain to be together because of lockdown restrictions and COVID-19.

Bhibhu was fortunate to have landed in the arms of Railway Children India and not the many evils and pitfalls that await unfortunate children who fall into the black hole of the railways network. Beggar mafia, drugs, pickpocketing, and thieving, and many other such lives are ready to grab these vulnerable children.

Your small donation can help Railway Children India to seek out countless Bhibhus who find their way into the pitfalls of the harsh life on the tracks and stations of the vast railway network in India. Say #MaineDiya and help children like Bhibhu make their way to the safety of their families.





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